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“SQL Anywhere has proven to be every bit as robust and reliable as I’d hoped. I wouldn’t run with anything else but SQL Anywhere. I’ve been very, very pleased with it.”

Greg Winfield
Winfield Solutions

Winfield Solutions saw that aviation decision-makers needed wildlife control data in seconds, not weeks. For a solution, it turned to SybaseŽ technology, enabling airport staff to effectively manage wildlife and enhance flight safety.

Business Advantage

  • The implementation of Sybase technology  increased the productivity of AIRMAN's wildlife technicians, allowing them to focus on patrolling the airport and taking timely action to ensure flight safety, rather than spending hours manually entering data.

Key Benefits

  • Significantly streamlines data collection and reporting
  • Reports previously taking eight to 10 hours to generate, now take five minutes
  • Captures information in real time, providing more detail and accuracy
  • Enhances flight safety 

Sybase Technology


Not Quite Birds of a Feather
As metropolitan areas grow larger, airports, with their wide open grasslands, are increasingly sharing space with wildlife. Airport managers need accurate, up-to-the minute data on the various species present at locations around airport grounds to spot potentially dangerous trends. Armed with this data, they can take action against potential threats that could potentially turn into bird strikes or collisions endangering the aircraft and its passengers.

To help airport staff effectively manage wildlife and enhance flight safety, Winfield Solutions created AIRMAN (Airport Information Report Manager), a safety systems management tool powered by Sybase PowerBuilder, Sybase PocketBuilder and SQL Anywhere from iAnywhere, a subsidiary of Sybase.

AIRMAN is the brainchild of Greg Winfield, a former military air traffic controller who saw the need to provide aviation wildlife control data to decision-makers in seconds, not weeks as per the manual way.

Sybase Technology Taking Flight
The original desktop version of AIRMAN, built with Sybase PowerBuilder, allowed users to enter the data collected on their paper forms directly into a SQL Anywhere database. Reports could be generated in a matter of seconds.

AIRMAN’s mobile extension using Sybase PocketBuilder data exchange pipelines eliminated the need for re-entry by enabling direct data capture on the device. Once the data has been synchronized with the central AIRMAN database, it was available for immediate analysis and reporting.

Winfield knew he needed a robust, maintenance-free relational database to power AIRMAN. After briefly considering Microsoft Access, his success with Sybase PowerBuilder led him to the SQL Anywhere  database.

“I evaluated SQL Anywhere and found it to be very stable and full-featured,” said Greg Winfield, president of Winfield Solutions. “It required virtually no maintenance, which was also very attractive.”

Making Flights Safer
AIRMAN empowers airport staff to proactively assess threats, significantly enhancing flight safety. The solution is now deployed at Toronto’s Lester B. Pearson International, Portland International and about 10 other airports in the U.S., Canada and Australia.

“It has increased the productivity of our wildlife technicians, allowing them to focus on patrolling the airport and taking timely action to ensure flight safety rather than spending hours tediously entering data into the system,” said Sharon Gordon, aviation wildlife manager, Portland International Airport. “We can also generate reports much faster. The monthly report that used to take me eight to 10 hours now takes just five minutes.”

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