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Quadrant Risk Management

"Thanks to our collaborative partnership with Sybase, we are the only organization that can offer an end-to-end solution that can be implemented today."

Angus Passmore
Director of Marketing
Quadrant Risk Management

Quadrant Risk Management—a long-established specialist banking risk management consultancy, owned and staffed by senior banking executives—needed to develop a ready-to-deploy, end-to-end solution enabling banking institutions to comply with a set of global banking standards. For that, they turned to Sybase.

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Countdown to Compliance
The clock is ticking for financial services institutions around the world. Within the next few years, all large national and internationally active banking organizations will need to comply with a set of minimum capital and risk management standards commonly known as Basel II. This framework, which replaces the original Basel Capital Accord enacted in 1988, is intended to promote public confidence in the banking system by ensuring that banks properly evaluate the various risks they face.

To comply with the provisions of Basel II, banks must collect, maintain and analyze as much as seven years' worth of data. Until recently, there has been no ready-to-deploy, end-to-end solution available to facilitate Basel II compliant data collection, collation, analysis and reporting. For a bank to create such a solution on its own could easily take a couple of years, which would effectively mean missing the compliance deadline.

However, a collaboration between Quadrant Risk Management (International) Limited and Sybase, Inc., yielded a Basel II specific solution, B², which can be implemented in as little as three months.

Clients Push for a Technology Solution
Quadrant's customers wanted more than consulting. They wanted a complete solution to the challenges they faced in complying with Basel II. What they needed was a technical solution—one that was not yet available in the marketplace.

The consulting firm evaluated a number of potential technology partners with whom to create its Basel II solution, including Oracle, SAS, SAP and Sybase.

"Our partnership with Sybase is a perfect marriage of our intellectual property—gained from our decades of banking experience—and Sybase's information technology," says Paul Lockyear, one of Quadrant's principals. "Sybase has fantastic IT products. In particular, Sybase's Industry Warehouse Studio (IWS) is such an open and easily modeled tool, it was ideally suited to creating the enterprise risk data repository that is the heart of our B² solution. Using IWS and Sybase PowerDesigner, we were able to create this repository and develop the industry's only end-to-end Basel II solution.

"Additionally, we've received great support from the Sybase partner team," he says. "They've interpreted our intellectual property and translated that into code, which is something we could not have done without them. They've been very helpful and responsive. I doubt we would have gotten that level of support from Oracle or any other vendor."

In a proof of concept project for a prospect, Sybase IQ slashed the data load time from 24 hours to 12 minutes. Not surprisingly, the prospect decided to use Sybase IQ. "Given Sybase IQ's performance, we fully expect 80 percent of our customers will use it as their data repository," says Angus Passmore, director of marketing, Quadrant Risk Management.

"B² is a unique solution in which banking consultancy, provided by bankers to bankers, is supported by established, state-of-the-art technology that will fit within any existing IT architecture," Lockyear says.

"Thanks to our collaborative partnership with Sybase, we are the only organization that can offer an end-to-end solution that can be implemented today," Passmore says.

Basel II is Only the Beginning
Based on the interest B² has generated among banks around the globe and in conversations with prospective customers, Quadrant is confident it is well positioned to become the de facto standard for risk analysis compliance. But there's more to B² than Basel II compliance.

"If you look beyond Basel II," says Lockyear, "what we've created is a state-of-the-art compliance engine against which we will be able to build any number of compliance blades. Because we are storing risk data at the atomic level, we can apply any compliance analytics to it. That will be the focus of our ongoing development and we know we can do that very quickly and easily because of the nature of Sybase technology.

"We're operating in a world now governed by statistics and rules, and that trend will only grow," adds Lockyear. "The company that can gather its information into one pool where it can be analyzed in a multitude of ways is the company that will succeed."

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