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Tutorial: Using Project Builder and ODBC with Adaptive Server Anywhere 9.0.1 on Mac OS X


This tutorial shows you how to create a Cocoa application with Project Builder on Mac OS X that queries the contact table in the Adaptive Server Anywhere sample database (asademo.db). The sample application allows you to move through the contact table with a bi-directional cursor and save changes to Street and Zip data.

The document does not describe how to code with ODBC or how to code in Objective-C, C, or C++; there are many resources available to assist you with these topics. Rather, this document helps you build a Project Builder project by putting together the required components within the IDE.

Instructions are provided for two versions of this tutorial: a quick start version that allows you to run the project right away, and a step-by-step version that takes you through the steps for creating a new Cocoa project.


  • SQL Anywhere Studio 9.0.1 for Mac OS X, or later
  • Project Builder version 2.1
  • OpenLink Driver Manager or iODBC Driver Manager

Download the whitepaper here.



Before you begin
Setting up the ODBC environment

Quick start tutorial

Step-by-step tutorial
Creating a new project
Adding code to the project
Adding files to the project
Adding resources to the project
Configuring the target
Building and running the project

Legal Notice
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Download the whitepaper here.

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