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Targeted CR list for ASE 12.5.3 IR

The purpose of this document is to help Sybase customers obtain a general idea of potential bug fixes in future Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) EBF releases. Please be sure to read the Disclaimer and General Notes below.

Disclaimer: This document lists the targeted (not committed) fixed CR list for the release listed above. Please be aware that the purpose of this posting is solely to provide you, our customers with estimated release dates and targeted CR lists. Sybase does not commit to releasing EBFs on the specified dates or to including the CR fixes in the said EBF. While every effort will be made to meet the said targets, changes can occur at any time. It is also possible (although unlikely) that Sybase may decide not to release an EBF that was previously scheduled for release.

Bug ID Description
371913 In some circumstances, a 695 error, "An attempt was made to read logical page ' < pageno > ' for object ' < objid > ' in database ' < dbid > ' from disk. Wrong logical page ' < pageno > ' was brought into cache ' < cachename > '" or other 69x error may be reported in the error log some time after using sp_poolconfig to increase the size of a memory pool in a data cache that is using the relaxed LRU cache replacement policy.
371554 ASE message 1608 has been enhanced with a supplementary informational message including the host and login name relating to the lost connection. for example, "extended error information: hostname: TONYI-XP login: sa".
371454 When ASE is configured for High Availability with HACMP5.1 Cluster, failover fails with the error "SYBASE HA MONITOR: ***ERROR: Dbcc takeover may have failed. Please check the errorlog of < secondary_companion_name > and manually execute 'dbcc takeover' from < secondary_companion_name > if necessary." in the hacmp.out log file.
370932 The following cp1252 sort order files are missing from $SYBASE/charsets/cp1252 directory: dictionary.srt, espdict.srt, espnoac.srt, espnocs.srt, nocase.srt, noaccents.srt and nocasepref.srt.
370427 The Job Scheduler Task from ASE 12.5.2 could freeze ASE under Job Scheduler Agent exceptional behavior.
370329 This fix affects the Scheduled Job wizard in the ASE Plugin. The plugin will no longer display a NullPointerException when an invalid Schedule name is entered while creating a Scheduled Job; now the user will get an error saying the name is invalid. Also, this fix prevents the creation of a Scheduled Job when a duplicate Job name is provided in the first page of the wizard. Previously, it may have looked like the user created a new Job and a new Scheduled Job when what actually happened is that a new Scheduled Job was created using an existing Job. To create a Scheduled Job using an existing Job, the user should use the Job Scheduler wizard.
370233 ASE 12.5.2 ESD#2 reports "kernel hbc_ninit: No sockets available for HBC" on boot because of the bug fix 354768. This is an informational message only and can be safely ignored if EJB is not configured. ASE 12.5.3 alters this behavior so that this message appears only when "enable enterprise java beans" parameter is set to 1 in the config file.
370028 On HP Itanium 64 platform only, sp_sysmon reports that Spinlock Contention is always 100%.
369861 Under JS Task shutdown invoked due to a normal Job Scheduler shutdown or an implicit exception request the JS Task could be caught in a SPINLOCK order violation finally resulting in a SIGBUS with a chance that ASE needs a reboot before the Job Scheduler can be started again.
369368 ASE encounters a timeslice error in function kscloseall
369269 The message 'Current process ( < value > ) infected with 11' may be hit in the module 'proc_invalidate_plans' with a stack trace in the error log when the value of the configuration parameter 'max parallel degree' or 'max scan parallel degree' is reset to its default value of 1. This will result in an implicit shut down of ASE. The modules 'cfg_notify_max_plldeg' or 'cfg_notify_max_scanplldeg' will also be reported.
369099 ASE supports dynamic configuration of various settings. Some of this may require ASE to allocate additonal shared memory. If so, the configuration would fail with a BUS error (signal 10). This problem has been fixed.
368782 Update English ASE Plugin help for 1253
368712 If recovery attempts to recreate a user tempdb when the Model database has not been recovered, then when recovery bypasses that step with message 12544, "Not recovering temporary database ... ", it will print a unpredictable database ID instead of the database ID of the user tempdb whose recreation is to be bypassed.
368156 A new mechanism has been added in DDLGen to make use of persistent cached connection.
368145 The installer destination panel might not look correct because it is missing the Swing implementation class.
367845 Executing xp_cmdshell within threshold stored procedure raises error 8015 with the message "Adaptive Server has truncated parameter number %d passesd to rpc '%.*s' on server '%.*s'. The remote server does not support character or binary data wider than 255 bytes."
367726 The message 15056, "The root page < root-pagenum > of index ID < indid > for empty table < tablename > can have at most one entry pointing to the first page < first-pagenum > . However, it has either an incorrect entry, or more than one entries." may be raised if DBCC CHECKTABLE is run on a partitioned table, having one or more indexes, from which all rows have been deleted.
367679 If the class name of remote server is not local, stack trace is seen when user access the remote server properties from Add Proxy Database wizard - Specify the Remote Server location tab.
367513 Transient errors during network accept operations can cause the ASE listener to quit
366801 Under rare circumstances the message "current process infected with 11" in the module 'pipe_sqltext' together with a stack trace which includes the module 'sqlpars' may be reported in the errorlog when "enable monitoring" (or "sql text pipe active") configuration parameter is activated.
366791 On Red Flag Advanced Server release 4.1, when the LANG variable is set to zh_CN.GB18030, dataserver/isql command fail.
366757 DDLGen support for Encrypted Columns feature in ASE.
366514 The error "Server ' < servername > ', Procedure 'sp_modifylogin', Line 489: The 'CREATE TABLE' command is not allowed within a multi-statement transaction in the 'tempdb' database." will be raised when the stored procedure sp_modifylogin is used to change the login script in a HA environment.
366497 Queries generating work tables when executed in user defined temporary databases bound to a named cache, may fail with message "current process ( < value > ) infected with 11" in module 'bufdlink', or 'des_add_dirty_chain_elmt'; this is another variation of the bug reported under CR 360414.
366447 Allow users without the sa_role role to execute recording scripts in the Historical Server on all platforms except Microsoft Windows. Users of the Historical Server and Monitor Client Library must have the sa_role role when running these applications on the Microsoft Windows platform.
366444 For cross platform loaded database (across same endian architecture), the user defined stored procedures, triggers and defaults remain valid across the dump. Addresses the errors 2821, 2812 and 223.
366392 Excessive CPU usage by the HK_CHORES process may occur when distributed transactions have been used (XA, DTC or ASE distributed transactions) and the configuration parameter "dtm detach timeout period" is set to a non-zero value.
366336 The error 12934 "Page < value > of object < value > , indid < value > undergoing change ... retry the command later." may be reported when running DBCC TABLEALLOC or DBCC CHECKALLOC in fix mode, resulting in the reported page being incorrectly deallocated.
366290 The warning "Logical Process Manager Error: Failed to get a row from sysattributes table, in etc__getexeattr(), instance 1." may be printed in the errorlog if an application is bound both to a temporary database and an execution class.
366285 The installer incorrectly set the "load library path" and PATH environment values for the Enhanced Full Text Search in $SYBASE/SYBASE.sh file.
366239 IQ does not support the IDENTITY keyword, so CIS will no longer send create table statements containing that keyword.
366164 If extended cache is enabled on Linux 32bit platform, then under highly concurrent system if a page is being destroyed and if it happens that the same page is being wriiten to disk from secondary cache, the page may be wriiten to master device config block. This will cause config block to be corrupted. Furture reboot of the server will fail.
366111 The open server routine srv_xferdata will report the error "16324/10/0: srv_xferdata(): data for column no: 1 cannot be NULL" when processing a null return parameter from an ASE RPC.
365825 CIS: To some non-ASE backends, inserting NULL values into the remote columns with DATE/TIME datatype will cause the local ASE session to hang
365789 In rare circumstances, an 834 error, "Illegal attempt to clean buffer" together with a stack trace than includes the modules 'dbt_get', 'dbt_removeall' and 'bufdbclean', may be reported in the error log for one or more buffers in a user-defined temporary database if an attempt is made to access this database before it has been completely created.
365788 The error 12309, "Expanding update on object ' < value > ' in database ' < value > ' cannot succeed on page < value > , ... This is an internal error." may be reported on a Data Only Locked table during the execution of DML commands when the given table has a lot of forwarded rows. Alternatively the error 644 "Index row entry for data row id ( < value > , < value > ) is missing from index page < value > ... Drop and re-create the index." may be reported.
365756 In a HA environment the failover and failback operations may take a long time depending on the workload on the server at that instance.
365413 The SQL Collector sometimes displayed incorrect SQL statements when queries were executed before executing a stored procedure.
365374 The message "timeslice - < number > current process infected." together with a stacktrace containing the modules 'clean_process', 'kill_proc' and 'terminate_process" is printed in the errorlog after killing a spid in the server using the KILL command.
365290 Dropping a proxy table can result in also dropping the remote table if the remote table was created as a side effect of creating the proxy table
365274 The Readme.txt instructions do not reflect the new makefile naming convention.
365200 During recovery, in the rare case of rollback of an incomplete nested top action, a divide by zero error may occur resulting in the failure of the recovery of a database.
365145 Database Expert does not show the Index Impact Details automatically after index analysis even when the “Show details on next generation†option is selected.
365109 If the installer can't get the hostname, it throws an "NullPointerException" and exit without any warning.
365069 Failures during preupgrade (for example, insufficient space in a database) are ignored resulting in hangs later on during the upgrade. Output from preupgrade indicates the upgrade is aborted, but it does not actually abort.
365024 Incorrect lines labeled with date and time values are sometimes displayed in the Data Cache changes in the Database Expert Performance Monitor.
364904 Some objects displayed in right hand panel of the SQL Expert database explorer are not displayed in the tree view.
364894 The message "current process infected with 11" in the module 'norm3__idriver' together with a stack trace which includes the modules 'norm3_driver' and 'vu_cleanup' may be reported in the error log when a nested view with more than 16 subqueries is recompiled.
364893 The message "Error reading SQL; SQL may be lost or corrupted. Please scan again." may occur when running the SQL Expert product.
364124 LDAP User Authentication failed with "protocol error" when the LDAP server did not accept LDAP V2 protocol. LDAP User Authentication failed to find the result set with "no results" from an LDAP server when it did not return the result as an attribute name and value.
364064 On the HP-UX platform, system load average may increase substantially when ASE is doing large amounts of asynchronous I/O.
363954 The message "current process infected with 11" in the module 'proc_replace' together with a stack trace which includes the modules 's_reinstallProcTree' and 's_getTreeOrPlan' may be reported in the errorlog when executing a stored procedure that calls functions from java classes and the stored procedure had to be recreated internally using the text stored in 'syscomments' system table.
363858 If the database option "ddl in tran" is set, an 8201 error will be reported when a table is created and dropped within the same user transaction and another session tries to access the table between the create and the drop.
363810 The backupserver compression shared library name in IBM release of ASE is changed from libcompress.sl to libcompress.so. This change reflects standard shared object name extension used by IBM.
363601 When doing a "Typical" install on a clean Window machine with "setupConsole.exe", the system error 1060 (The specified service does not exist as an installed service) is displayed to the console.
363599 Trailing spaces are not removed when assigning a value, that results from a SUBQUERY, to a VARCHAR variable.
363560 xp_cmdshell encounters Signal 11 when no_output or no_wait parameter is used. Error message "Invalid parameter value specified. Refer the documentation for the correct value(s). A signal(11) was raised while executing this ESP. If this is an user DLL check the code else contact Sybase Technical Support." will be sent to the client.
363515 A sub-optimal query plan may be generated for queries containing subqueries that calculate MAX or MIN aggregates and the aggregate is on a table that is not correlated with the outer table.
363364 The message "Msg 225, Level 16, State 1 Cannot run query--referenced object (name NAME NOT RECOVERABLE) dropped during query optimization." maybe reported when executing a SELECT INTO statement using views in the FROM clause together with a UNION and a GROUP BY clause. If the same query is placed in a stored procedure, it will endlessly get renormalized until the database runs out of space.
363357 When building servers on the Mac OS X platform the following message is displayed to the screen, but is not written to the log: "getMsg: unable to find message for code 264453"
363150 In rare circumstances, a 12583 error (state 6), "Unable to log a record due to internal error -6. This process will retry at intervals of one minute.", may be reported and transaction locks retained after a transaction manager (like an XA transaction manager) attempts to asynchronously abort the transaction whilst another thread is still busy using the transaction.
362951 On 64 bit platforms, sp_config_rep_agent < dbname > , "scan timeout" cannot be changed from its default value.
362870 Some filename in the 12.5.2 installation image are too long to write onto CD
362665 When UPDATE STATISTICS is run on a table with both consumers and sampling options enabled, subsequently an incorrect value for the table row count might be saved in SYSTABSTATS catalog.
362610 The Java ForXmlTree function in the samples directory ($SYBASE/$SYBASE_ASE/sample/XML) generates different code for client and server, to accomodate differences between jCommect and the native JDBC driver. It is generating a SET STRINGSIZE command in the server that should only be generated for jConnect. The fix to this CR corrects that. The CR also adds two new options to the 'forxmlj' function: xmlcheck={yes|no} and xsidecl={yes|no} These are useful in nested calls of the forxmlj function, as described in the documentation: $SYBASE/$SYBASE_ASE/sample/XML/Using-SQLX-mappings.htm
362385 If user initially chooses to custom configure the servers in the installer but decided not to configure any servers at all, the custom server input screen still show up in the wizard.
362170 The message 'current process (value) infected with 11' in module 'seq_schema_check_virtab' may be reported in the error log when an execute cursor is chosen as the deadlock victim during the open phase of the cursor with a stack trace showing modules 'curs_execute' and 's_checkforrecompile'. Alternatively the stack trace may show modules 'mapsvs' and 'curs_fetch'.
362126 The message "current process infected with 11" in the module 'q_score_wktable_ixscan' together with a stack trace which includes the modules 'q_indexsel_preprocess' and 'q_select_best_index' may be reported in the error log when a UNION ALL view is joined with another view that includes a DISTINCT or GROUP BY clause.
362080 The line currently being executed by each stored procedure has been added as a LineNumber column to the monProcessProcedures Monitoring Table.
361988 Msg 168, 'The floating point value '...' is out of the range of machine representation (8 bytes) will be raised when a number underflows to 0.
361899 Query referencing views and aggregate in subqueries may fail producing stack traces. In pre 12.5.2 release such queries would report an error that the maximum number of 16 subqueries has been reached.
361898 HA feature support on HP Itanium 64 platform running HP-UX 11.23 with HP ServiceGuard A.11.15. Support for HP ServiceGuard A.11.15 on HPPA 32 and 64 bit platforms.
361814 The error 921, Database ' < dbname > ' has not been recovered yet - please wait and try again' may be reported when, during an internal upgrade at recovery time, the server has encountered some exception while bringing a previous database online.
361772 ASEP support for Encrypted Columns feature in ASE
361592 When a process executes queries in parallel the CPU time reported by the Monitoring Tables for that process is incorrect. The CPU time reported by the monProcessActivity, monProcessStatement and monSysStatement tables has a very high value which relates to the very first time a worker process was used rather than when it was used by the process.
361570 EFTS: Traditional Chinese locales were added for Solaris and Windows platforms. Russian locales were added for Linux platform.
361472 Introduce a monitor counter usage count to enable multple applications to use monitor counters concurrently
361335 Improve support for ASIQ databases in SQL Advantage
361191 ASE starts a Mirror Handler process even when disk mirroring is disabled in the config. This wastes a potential user process slot and a small amount of memory.
361050 Data truncation may result when a univarchar column with length greater than 255 is updated through dynamic sql.
360975 ASE returns a parameter xactstatus that the XA client never requested. This causes Open Server based applications to get the error "Output parameter not found" and consequently makes XA incompatible with Open Server.
360856 Poor performance during index migtation when 'number of sort buffers' is DEFAULT (500).
360699 Backup server does not use asynchronous disk I/O, which was introduced in Mac OS X 10.3.
360689 The error 540, "Schema for table '%.*s' has changed since compilation of this query. Please re-execute query." will be incorrectly reported, if a table is accessed in the same batch it is created and it has any primary, foreign or referential key constraints.
360587 Improvements to resource governor functionality.
360476 InstallShield appends duplicate entries onto the PATH and truncates anything greater than 1028 characters.
360425 <font size="

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