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Follow the steps below to install Pylon:

  1. Uninstall or disable other PIM conduits.

    If you are currently using another piece of software to sync one or more of those PIM applications, you should uninstall the software or disable the software from syncing those applications that you have chosen to sync with Pylon.

  2. Make sure only one version of Lotus Notes is running.

    Multiple versions of Lotus Notes may cause system failures.

  3. Make sure Lotus Notes Domino Server and your Lotus Notes client are not running on the same machine.

    This is not supported.

  4. If using a Pocket PC mobile device, establish a partnership with ActiveSync.

    If you need instructions on how to establish a partnership with ActiveSync, open ActiveSync open, and select Help|Microsoft ActiveSync Help.

  5. Place your Pocket PC or Palm OS device in its cradle and perform a final sync. After syncing, leave your device in its cradle.

  6. Close Lotus Notes.

  7. Double-click the installer file pylondesktopPocket PC.exe or pylondesktop-palm.exe.
    The Pylon installer Welcome panel appears.

    Note: If you forgot to uninstall a previous version of Pylon software that is running on your desktop, you will receive a prompt asking if you want to uninstall at this time. Click Yes to uninstall, then double-click the installer file again to restart the installation process.

    Note: If you have forgotten to close Lotus Notes, you will see the Close Down Lotus Notes dialog box instead of the Welcome panel. To solve this problem, close Lotus Notes, then return to the installer and click Yes to proceed with installation.

  8. Click Next to continue.

    The Pylon License Agreement dialog box appears.

  9. Read the agreement, then click Yes to accept the agreement and continue with the installation.

    The Pylon installer access key panel appears.

  10. Enter the Pylon access key or license key provided in your purchase confirmation email or by your system administrator, then click Next.

    If you purchased Pylon Pro, the Select Installation Type panel appears. Continue with step 11 below.

    If you purchased Pylon Conduit, the Choose Destination Location panel appears. Skip steps 11 and 12 and continue with step 13 below.

    Note: If you see an invalid access key error message, check to confirm that you have entered your access key exactly as it was given to you. See How do I check/change my license number?

  11. Click the radio button to select an installation type:
    • Install Pylon Pro and PIM Conduits. Select this option to install conduits for both Lotus Notes PIM applications and Pylon Pro custom databases.
    • Install only PIM Conduits. Select this option to install conduits for your Lotus Notes PIM applications only.
    If you install only PIM conduits, Pylon Pro will still be listed in your configuration document on the desktop, but it will not be installed on your device, and you will not be able to sync custom databases. If you are using Pylon for Pocket PC OS and you later decide that you want to sync Pylon Pro custom database conduits, you will need to reinstall Pylon at that time and select Install Pylon Pro and PIM Conduits. If you are using Pylon for Palm OS, you will need to enable the Pylon Pro conduit in your configuration document. See How do I disable and enable Pylon Pro?

  12. Click Next to continue.

    The Pylon installer Choose Destination Location panel appears. Pylon installer will install Pylon in the location listed.

  13. Click Next if the location listed is acceptable, or click Browse to choose a different destination folder for Pylon.

    The Pylon installer Setup Type panel appears.

  14. Click to select one of the two install options. Choose Typical to install all conduits. If you choose Custom, the Custom Install panel appears. Check the box beside each conduit you wish to install.

    Note: If you want to continue syncing any existing PIM conduits, for example, Palm desktop Calendar, you should select Custom, then uncheck any conduits with which you do not want to sync.

  15. Click Next.

    The Pylon installer Select Program Folder panel appears.

  16. The default Program Folder name is AvantGo Pylon for Pocket PC or AvantGo Pylon for Palm, depending on which product you purchased. This name will appear in your Start|Programs menu after installation. Click Next to keep this as the program folder name.

    The Pylon installer Installing Applications panel appears.

  17. If prompted, enter your Lotus Notes password, then click OK.

  18. Click Yes to install Pylon to the default application install directory on your device.

  19. When prompted, check your device screen to see if additional steps are necessary, then click OK.

  20. If you are installing Pylon Pro, click Yes again to install Pylon Pro to the default application install directory on your device, then click OK.

  21. Click Finish to complete the installation process.

    The Pylon installer completes the installation process. Pylon now is installed on both your desktop and your device.

  22. Answer the prompt to reboot you computer.

    In order for the installed software to be operable, you must reboot your computer. It is recommended that you reboot now.
    • Click Yes to reboot now
    • Click No to continue working and reboot later
If all data are in Notes, the first synchronization should be under Notes overwrites Palm or Desktop overwrites Handheld and then revert to Synchronize the files.

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