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"When using Kerberos security with Sybase products such as Adaptive Server Enterprise, Open Client/Open Server, or jConnect, you must perform a series of setup tasks before a successful client-server connection can be made. These setup tasks may differ among Kerberos providers such as CyberSafe, MIT Kerberos and Microsoft Active Directory.

A complete discussion of the individual Kerberos providers is beyond the scope of the Sybase documentation, and Sybase urges you to refer to the documentation provided by the Kerberos vendors. However, this document will provide a high-level road map for creating a Kerberos setup between client and server. Additionally, this document will include setup information specific to CyberSafe, MIT Kerberos and Microsoft Active Directory."

The complete text is available when you download the white paper Configuring Kerberos for Sybase in PDF format by clicking the icon in the upper right corner above or the link in this paragraph.

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