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The computer age began with vacuum tubes, green bar paper and punch cards. In the late 1980's automated or lights out operation was in vogue and now in 2003 we are on the verge of realizing the benefits of such grand visions as Autonomic Computing, and Grid Computing. The trend is toward increasingly automating those day to day repetitive operations that can be handled by rules based logic. Removing these sources of potential human error will also free up skilled and valuable human resources for other higher value tasks.

Harvard Research Group feels that Sybase’s ASE 12.5.1 is an offering worth considering for use in business critical transaction intensive environments. The real benefit to be had from using Sybase’s ASE 12.5.1 can be seen in the business result - improved effectiveness - being able to process more transactions during peak hours and then quickly return to processing business as usual workloads. With this type of functionality in place more work of higher value can be done with the same staff and less error. This new release of ASE has a good fit with current business requirements whereby businesses are increasingly finding new ways to use computers in order to drive improvements in revenue and profitability.

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