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M-Business Anywhere Sample Session POD binary files for Pocket PC and Palm

Session PODs for M-Business Server 5.0 Download

Session PODs for M-Business Server 4.0 Download


The sample session POD binaries provides an additional option for developers who need to pass values between Dynamic HTML documents. Once the application terminates, all values stored within the session POD are deleted.

Provided below is a list of the four primary ways developers pass values between Dynamic HTML web pages.

1. Use the new cross-platform on-device database API.
2. Use the Prefs object. The Prefs object is a simple name/value pair store. Prefs object names should be in the format of companyname_appname_valuename.
3. Don't use separate pages, just hide and show parts of the same page.
4. Use the sample session POD.

Software Requirements

M-Business Anywhere 5.0 Application Edition

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