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Targeted CR list for ASE 12.5.1 ESD #2

138926 Print the current OS version on which the ASE is booting up on in the errorlog.
233252 Provides an ability for users to monitor progress of rollbacks.
270960 In a multi-engine environment, Adaptive Server may terminate abnormally after a timeslice error together with a stack trace which includes the modules 'unifree' and 'unicacheFree' is reported in the error log, when Unicode character set conversions are enabled and repeated connection and disconnection of applications with different client character sets occurs.
289990 On Compaq Tru64 platform, ASE requires ssm_threshold=0. If gh_chunks tuning is desired, the following guideline can be followed. If gh_chunks is non-zero, shared memory page size is promoted from default 8KB to 4MB, and those pages can ONLY be used by ASE and are wired down at boot time. The value for gh_chunks (number of 4MB pages to be wired down) can be calculated as "max memory"/4MB (for pre ASE 12.5 releases, "total memory"/4MB) rounded up. For example, to allocate 2GB for ASE, set gh_chunks=(2048MB/4MB)=512.
292764 The work done by a remote server in modifying a proxy table as part of a trigger execution is not rolled back when the ROLLBACK TRIGGER command is executed.
296781 Incorrect result, 403 error, 678 error, or assertion error in sqx__mvranges() may be returned, or process may be infected with signal 11 in oj_contig_bm(), when query has a subquery against UNION VIEW.
307773 When loading a transaction log dump containing a CREATE INDEX operation using a server that has a different buffer pool configuration from that at runtime, a 3474 or a 6902 error may be reported.
325003 In rare circumstances, sessions that access a given database may seem to hang while the transaction log of this database is undergoing truncation either by the 'CHECKPOINT SLEEP' task or through the execution of the DUMP TRANSACTION command.
326126 CIS: SELECT <case expr> FROM <proxy tables join> may result in wrong SQL being constructed when quickpass is disabled.
326497 DBCC FIX_TEXT on All Pages Locked table loaded into an utf-8 server from an iso_1 server results in a 605 error after receiving 7952 error on DBCC CHECKTABLE.
326503 A positive (successful) XA status is returned rather than an XAER_NOTA error, when a thread attempts to attach to an XA transaction that is concurrently being rolled back by another thread.
326742 A 12301 error, "Internal error: the index (id = <value>) and the data for row (<pageid_1>, <rowid_1>) in table '<value>', database <value> are inconsistent; data is marked deleted but index is not. Aborting the transaction." may be reported during the execution of a SELECT command on a Data Only Locked table, when another session has concurrently updated the forwarded data row above which resulted in its re-forwarding to an other <pageid_2>, <rowid_2> location.
327829 With some search conditions, a OR query against unichar and univarchar columns may return wrong results.
328769 When the server rewrites the master database on a raw partition (which requires using the "-f/orcebuild" boot-time argument and either "-w master" to rewrite master or the "-z" and "-b" flags to create a new installation), the server does not initialize every allocation page on the raw partition. A subsequent "load database master" can find allocation pages from the previous installation, which can cause spurious entries in sysdatabases and/or sysusages.
328812 ASE on Solaris has TCP/IP incoming connections backlog queue limited to 5 which can result in some of the clients failing to connect to ASE when there is a surge of incoming connection requests to ASE. This fix enhances the backlog limit to 128 eliminating this bottleneck.
329375 CIS: INSERT <local table> SELECT * FROM <proxy table> inserts garbage when the proxy table has CHAR type column inserted into TEXT column of local table or BINARY type proxy column inserted into IMAGE column of local table.
330066 The message "nclose: Unknown servtype, 0" will appear in the ASE error log while disconnecting from a remote site (such as backupserver) that uses a TLI network listener if ASE is not using a TLI network listener.
330319 CIS: For a query having a local table and a proxy table, OR search conditions of the proxy table will not be passed to the remote server if the local table is chosen as the outer table for the JOIN, and there is a builtin in the WHERE clause at the same time. A traceflag 11262 has been added to fine-tune OMNI optimizer to pass OR search conditions as many as possible.
330569 CIS: When a transaction that is executing an INSERT..SELECT (insert to proxy table) has been imposed as the deadlock victim, the session fails to acknowledge this error event and continues.
331052 A global variable @@version_number is now available to return the full version number with minor version included. In 12.5.2, @@version_number returns 12520. This complements @@version_as_integer, which returns the upgrade version number (12500 as of 12.5.2).
332464 A local variable using an extended datatype (Java Object) can contain an incorrect value when a field in this Java Object is from a subclass and is assigned a value from a SELECT FROM <table> statement.
332663 The fractional seconds of the datetime value will be discarded, If datetime value of a proxy_table is mapped to an Oracle TIMESTAMP column.
333350 When the server's default character set is UTF-8 and a non-binary sort order is configured, error message 1579 can occur in unexpected circumstances (e.g. have invalid characters in the table).
333850 When a UTF-8 non-binary sort order is configured, the charindex built-in function may yield incorrect results if the length of the expression1 does not equal the length of the matching string within expression2.
334458 CIS: timeslice error occurs when SELECT from <proxy table> is interrupted because connection to remote server has been broken. The connection to remote server is broken due to either remote server being shut down or the remote connection being disconnected via 'kill spid' on the remote server.
334632 When UTF-8 is configured as the server's default character set and a case or accent-insensitive sort order is chosen, variable and database object names are not case or accent-insensitive, and must be specified exactly as they were declared.
334667 Kerberos for Solaris 64 platform is now enabled and supported in this release.
335248 Improve Historical Server performance
335317 A 913 error, "Could not find row in sysdatabases with database id ... Run DBCC CHECKTABLE on sysdatabases" may be reported when executing a stored procedure in a recently loaded database that uses a cursor and fetches values in local variables using extended datatypes (i.e. java classes).
336053 In ASE 120/125 releases, parse and compile time is longer for queries with multiple aggregates and a long IN list.
336077 The message "current process infected with 11" may be reported in module 'mda_populate_monOpenObjectActivity' during the collection of monitoring data when the configuration option 'enable monitoring' is set resulting in the session being killed. The stack trace reported in the error log will also mention modules 'execrpc', 'exec__native_rpc' and 'mdarpc_exec'.
336320 When using a larger network packet size than the normal default size, ASE may encounter 'invalid length' TDS protocol errors during login.
338189 If ASE receives an attention from client during executing EXECUTE IMMEDIATE statement, this can lead to stack overflow which results in ASE shutdown.
338337 Running xmlextract()queries with xpath parameter '//*' causes a stacktrace.
338359 View with CASE expression may be materialized even if there is no need for a materialization.
338919 MacOS X: Rework processor synchronization routines to be compatible with G5 hardware. Prior to this change, 2-engine configurations caused problems when running on G5 systems.
339880 The message "current process infected with 10" in the module 'plc__flush' together with a stack trace which includes the modules 'xls_preflush' and 'write_prepare_rec' may be reported in the error log if a transaction is opened in one database and a Java method modifies a table in another database.
340083 A suboptimal plan may be chosen by the optimizer when a buffer pool for a particular cache used by the query has been configured with a size bigger than 2 Gigabytes.
340903 Under heavy load, if a client disconnects abnormally, ASE may encounter panic termination of the Java VM associated with that client. This will be followed by the message 'Java services are temporarily unavailable while the Java system is being recycled'.
341612 Euro character not available in cp936 (Simplified Chinese) and cp949 (Korean). Undefined characters in EUCCNS should be 2 bytes wide. Charindex built-in gives wrong results with unichar datatype and prefixes consisting of only spaces. Obscure problems with normalization and surrogate pairs.
341735 MacOS X: Remove previous ASE/MacOSX limitation of 2GB memory; limitation no longer exists with Panther/G5 hardware
342024 Domain errors (3622), caused when generating NaN (not a number), are only reported with severity EX_INFO even if traceflag 3625 is enabled.
342848 An upgrade of Adaptive Server from previous versions to 12.5.1 and beyond results in the failure to start the HA services and loss of HA functionality.
342876 A 1525 error, "Sort Failure. Rollforward of sort encountered sort descriptor timestamps out of sequence..." followed by a 4313 error may be reported when loading a transaction dump that contains a CREATE CLUSTERED INDEX with the SORTED_DATA option. The workaround is to turn on the command line trace flag 1538 at runtime, or not to use the SORTED_DATA option.
343162 If user tries to install an ESD to a copied $SYBASE directory or install an ESD to a directory that doesn't contain the correct vpd.properties file, the ESD files do not get installed even though the installer says the installation was successful.


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