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EAServer / PBVM Stability Tip for Internal PowerBuilder Exceptions

Although unusual, it is possible for an unhandled internal exception to be raised by a PowerBuilder component running in EAServer. A internal exception could potentially cause the PBVM to be in unstable state, resulting in unpredictable behavior and unforeseen problems with the PBVM and EAServer. Rather than allow EAServer to continue to run in an unstable state, you may want the server to restart or shutdown instead.

The PBOnFatalError system environment variable allows you to specify the desired action for EAServer when an internal exception occurs in the PBVM.


Support for the PBOnFatalError variable is available in the PB 8.0.4 (Build 10501) maintenance releases and PB 9.0.1 EBF 7066 and later.

There are three possible values you can set for the PBOnFatalError variable:

Resulting behavior when an internal error occurs in a PB component
continue EAServer will keep running, and CORBA_TRANSACTION_ROLLEDBACK exception is thrown
restart EAServer will re-start automatically
shutdown EAServer will shutdown

The default value is "shutdown" (since PowerBuilder 9.0.3 timeframe).  The default is used if the PBOnFatalError variable is not set.

For More Information

For additional EAServer troubleshooting information, refer to the EAServer Troubleshooting Guide.

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