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EAServer 5.0 Web Services Samples

EAServer 5.0 includes new Web Services features. Here are 10 samples to help you get started using the new toolkit. Sample topics include security, PowerBuilder, EJB, Java, dot NET clients, and more.

The following links take you to more info about each sample in the EAServer codeXchange project on SDN.

Sample Description
1. ANT Scripts with EAServer 5.0 Web Services Walks you through using wstool commands in the ant build file to deploy a Web service, manage it, retrieve information about it, and run a client to invoke operations on it.
2. CORBA Component as EAServer 5.0 Web Service Steps you through exposing a stateless CORBA component as a Web Service.
3. dot Net Client for EAServer 5.0 Web Services How to install and expose a Web service then create a .NET client to invoke it

4. Dynamic Client for EAServer 5.0 Web Services How to invoke a web service without requiring any client side artifacts be generated. The client knows the name of the method to invoke, the details about the method being invoked.
5. EJB Component as EAServer 5.0 Web Service How to to expose a stateless session EJB as a Web then invoke it from a JSP client.
6. GoogleSearch Service with EAServer 5.0 Provides the steps needed to access the Google™ Web APIs service from the EAServer 5 Web Services Toolkit. By just pointing to the service WSDL file, you can use the EAServer Wizards to automatically create the files needed to invoke the web service operations from EAServer, and to create a Java test client as well.
7. Java Class and Client for EAServer 5.0 Web Services Demonstrates how to expose a Java class as a Web service, then automatically generate a test client to invoke it
8. JAX-RPC Interfaces in EAServer 5.0 Web Service Demonstrates how to develop, deploy and run a Web service that conforms to JAX-RPC specification
9. Security Authorization in EAServer 5.0 Web Service How a Web service could enforce authorization checks on the operations.
10. PB 9 Component as EAServer 5.0 Web Service Illustrates how to use a PowerBuilder 9 component as a Web service hosted in EAServer 5, and use a PowerBuilder 9 client to call the Web service.

More Information

See the Web Services Toolkit User Guide included in the installation \html\docs directory for more information about the Web Services features in EAServer 5.0.

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