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Troubleshooting the IIS Redirector for EAServer 4.2

Having trouble using IIS with the EAServer Web Server Redirector Plug-in? Follow these steps to verify the environment is configured properly.

  1. Verify these files are included in the EAServer DLL (or the EAServer DLL/debug directory for debug version) directory:

    • lijctssecct.dll
    • libjcc.dll
    • libjsybscl.dll
    • libjintl.dll
    • libjeas_iis.dll

  2. Check the PATH system variable to ensure the EAServer DLL directory (or the EAServer DLL/debug directory for debug version) is included

  3. Verify the WSPLUGIN_CONFIG_FILE system variable is pointing to where the redirector.cfg file is located.

    For example, if the redirector.cfg file is in c:\winnt\system32\inetpub\redirector.cfg then the WSPLUGIN_CONFIG_FILE variable should be c:\winnt\system32\inetpub\redirector.cfg

  4. Check logging settings in the redirector.cfg configuration file:

    • connector.IIS.LogLevel verbose is only for debug version of the DLLs -- it will not work with the runtime DLLs
    • connector.IIS.LogFile must be set to a valid drive and folder, otherwise the plugin may not load

  5. Look for error information in the log file (pointed to by connector.IIS.LogFile in redirector.cfg)

  6. As a test, expand the context path so the redirector will handle all requests sent to the web server, by setting Connector.IIS.URLS in the redirector.cfg file as follows:

    Connector.IIS.URLS  /*

  7. Verify entries in redirector.cfg have a corresponding protocol listener defined in EAServer. For example, the following entry in redirector.cfg would require an EAServer HTTP protocol listener defined with the host name of prodhost and a port number of 8080:

    Connector.WebApp /*=http://prodhost:8080

  8. Examine the log file to ensure the hostname is correct, and port number is valid. .
    For example, given the following entries in the redirector log file:

    Connector.WebApp /enowcorporate = http://prodhost:8080
    Connector.IIS.LogLevel inform

    The log file should show:

    Wed May 21 16:53:58 2003 INFO: ws: 1de1090, URL: [http://prodhost:8080], protocol: [http], host: [prodhost], port: [8080] down_time:0

  9. Using the IIS administration tool, check the virtual directory you are using.
    Verify that the icon for the virtual directory looks like this:
    If the icon looks as expected, skip to step 12.

  10. If the directory looks like this: then a property needs to be changed.
    Open the properties for the directory and click the Remove button in the Application Settings section.

  11. Restart IIS.

  12. If none of the previous steps help identify the problem, try the debug version of the plugin and check error information in the log.

More Information

For more information on the EAServer Web Server Redirector Plug-in, see Chapter 9 of the EAServer System Administration Guide

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