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BizTracker Alert Management System White Paper


The Alert Management System (AMS) is a set of components which is used by Sybase BizTracker? and that will be incorporated into Integration Orchestrator and other Sybase products in the future. It is responsible for the processing and distribution of received alerts. Currently supported alert targets include email, iAnywhere and Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) traps. SNMP support in AMS is achieved through the Java Management eXtensions (JMX) architecture. Portions of the architecture related to adapting the JMX Application Programming Interface (API) to the target protocol (SNMP in our case) are not currently covered by the JMX specification. In order to avoid being locked into a solution that is non-standard once the JMX specification defines the standard protocol adapter behavior and to provide the greatest flexibility for supporting customers? management reporting infrastructure, we have decided to deliver the relevant code in source form. This will allow AMS users to tailor the delivery of SNMP traps to their own environments.

This document describes our reference implementation for delivering SNMP traps from the JMX notifications.We use this implementation to test AMS and offer it as a sample solution. As the JMX standard evolves, we will conform to that specification while maintaining backward compatibility to this solution...

Click here to view the complete white paper (PDF).

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