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This document contains the list of target Change Requests (CR) for Adaptive Server Enterprise 12.5.1.
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Targeted CR List for ASE 12.5.1 MR

The purpose of this document is to help Sybase customers obtain a general idea of potential bug fixes in future Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) EBF releases. Please be sure to read the Disclaimer.

Disclaimer: This document lists the targeted (not committed) fixed CR list for the release listed above. Please be aware that the purpose of this posting is solely to provide you, our customers with estimated release dates and targeted CR lists. Sybase does not commit to releasing EBFs on the specified dates or to including the CR fixes in the said EBF. While every effort will be made to meet the said targets, changes can occur at any time. It is also possible (although unlikely) that Sybase may decide not to release an EBF that was previously scheduled for release.

Bug ID Description
27560 New functionality so that an update of a TEXT or IMAGE column to NULL sets the corresponding text pointer to NULL after deallocating the previously referenced text or image pages. This will result in reduced space allocation for NULL text/images columns. See the documentation in the "What's new in ASE 12.5.1" guide for more information on how to use this new feature.
52741 A 2558 error, "Extent not within segment: Object < objid > indid 0 includes extents on allocation page < allocpg# > which is not in segment < seg# > ", will be reported by DBCC TABLEALLOC and DBCC CHECKALLOC, when a clustered index is created on an empty table, on a different segment to that of the table.
133397 Executing sp_helpdb < database name > will show devices in the output which are not used for this database when very large devices are being used in the CREATE DATABASE statement for this database.
134537 The "Procedure Database Id" is not reported by Historical Server in "Page I/O summaries".
142686 Error 834, "Illegal attempt to clean buffer" followed by detailed info on that buffer, is raised when sp_unbindcache is used to unbind tempdb from a cache while users are still using the tempdb database.
143626 sp_foreignkey incorrectly leaves a transaction open in case of any errors while updating syskeys. This can cause subsequent DDL statements to fail as they were not expecting to be run in a transaction.
185141 sp_sysmon does not print the breakdown of the engine busy time.
187855 The message "given dbid < dbid > doesnt match with dbname < dbname > " is incorrectly reported by the sp_addauditrecord stored procedure when both the 'dbname' and 'dbid' parameters are not given. A similar message is incorrectly reported for the 'obj_name' and 'objid' parameters.
197548 An 11203 error, "The command 'DBCC' is not legal when the remote object ( < remote proc > ) has been defined as an RPC" is reported by DBCC CHECKDB and DBCC CHECKTABLE when it attempts to check a proxy table based on an rpc.
200306 ASE reports an invalid elapsed time when "SET STATISTICS TIME ON" is first executed.
210359 The message "current process infected with 11" in the module valid_ident maybe reported in the error log executing sp_addlogin.
213416 Proxy tables currently allocate one extent (8 database pages) for each index and for the data level of the table. This is needlessly wasteful of space, since proxy tables neither need nor use any storage. Change database access so that proxy tables don't require any storage space.
214048 In circumstances involving low memory in the Java object heap, the Java VM may terminate with a stack trace and the message "The Java VM associated with process < spid > is abnormally terminated." This message originates from module 'usrinputstream_read', and it occurs when Java objects are written to disk, or read from the network.
222372 When the configuration option "print deadlock information" is active, the message "Process (Familyid < value > , Spid < value > )" instead of "Process (Familyid 0, Spid < value > )" may be reported in the error log although the process is running a query in serial as opposed to parallel mode.
223768 Backup Server now supports variable block I/O to tape devices. The default behavior is to perform fixed block I/O. Variable block I/O has been introduced for backward compatibility to enable the loading of dumps created by earlier releases of Adaptive Server. To enable variable block I/O, start Backup Server with the -b command line option. Once enabled, all tape devices on the server will perform variable block I/O. Variable block IO is presently supported only for Windows NT. WARNING: Backup Server will not be able to load fixed block I/O dumps when variable block I/O is enabled.
224605 Historical Server recording session aborts if a database is not accessible.
226826 In a ASE 12.5.1 server, named caches can be added/deleted and expanded dynamically. Additionally the default data cache can be expanded dynamically.
227065 The execution of UPDATE STATISTICS, DELETE STATISTICS and CREATE INDEX commands will automatically trigger the recompilation of any related stored procedure, whereas ad-hoc queries in the process of execution will not be affected. Similarly the execution of SP_RECOMPILE will not affect the execution of ad-hoc queries being run.
228336 This new feature in ASE 12.5.1 eliminates the sort order restrictions when using UTF-8 as the server's default character set. Henceforth, the sort order for UTF-8 can be chosen from among the same set (and using the same mechanism) as is available for the Unichar data type.
228410 This new feature in ASE 12.5.1 eliminates the restriction whereby the Unichar datatype was only functional when the server's default character set was configured as UTF-8. Henceforth, the Unichar datatype is fully functional when any default character set is configured. This feature also implements the automatic "promotion" of character literals in T/SQL queries from Varchar to Univarchar when client-to-server character set conversion errors would have otherwise caused the queries to have been rejected. Also implemented is additional syntax for character literals allowing Unicode code points to be specified as escape sequences.
234103 The Adaptive Server Enterprise 'perfmon' system integration of Sybase monitor counters into Windows performance monitor now takes account of dynamic changes to ASE system memory configuration
234291 On Windows NT, the java virtual machine library should be demand loaded only when java features are enabled. This saves virtual address space on systems that are not using the java feature.
235690 Index selection/usage information is provided via the MDA table monOpenObjectActivity. Field OptSelectCount reports the number of times that the corresponding object (table/index) has been chosen as the access method by the optimizer. Field UsedCount reports the number of times that that the corresponding object (table/index) was used as the access method when some query was executed.
236183 On linux, the value returned from exp(...), when an overflow occurs, is "inf" insread of the expected error message.
236449 Automatically boot backupserver with NOHUP active.
239510 Replication Agent may report a 32049 error when a stored procedure is executed that performs DML on a table that was marked for replication when the stored procedure was first compiled but which has subsequently been marked as not to be replicated.
239710 Replication Agent may not start automatically during ASE startup, even if sp_stop_rep_agent has not been run before.
239732 srvbuild utility fails on Tru64 version 5.1a
240059 The message "process infected with 11" in the module 'xact_setparallel' may be reported in the error log together with a stack trace that includes the modules 'redo_sortoperation', 'sort' and 'psort' during a LOAD TRAN which incorrectly attempts to create an index in parallel when the original index creation was performed in serial mode.
241212 In rare circumstances, an attempt to load a transaction log containing updates to data-only locked tables may fail with a 688 error, "Insufficient CFS while redo of expanding update on page < number > belonging to object < id > . CFS - < value > , length of new row - < value > ".
242195 A 926 error, "Database ' < dbname > ' cannot be opened. An earlier attempt at recovery marked it 'suspect' ..." will be reported when an attempt is made using DBCC HA_ADMIN( < dbname > , 'drop_failedoverdb') to drop a suspect database which has been failed over to the secondary node in an HA system.
242631 ASE Plugin performs online database after database or transaction dump or load.
255536 Add a new feature to make the default number of histogram steps configurable. Use sp_configure 'number of histogram steps', < steps > to change the server-wide default number of histogram steps used for CREATE INDEX and UPDATE STATISTICS.
255696 The results of RPC output parameters may have incorrect values for some datatypes. Use -T7702 to fix the problem.
256596 sp_sysmon "Cache Statistics Summary(All Caches)" reports different values for Large I/O usage as compared to the detailed cache section.
257919 In some cases when the use does not have SYBASE_EJB environment variable set and attempts to start the EJB Server, the scheduler could get "infected with 11". This has been fixed such that even if the SYBASE_EJB environment variable is not set, the dataserver will come up. This is unlikely to happen as one of the first steps to start the EJB Server is to have the SYBASE_EJB environment variable.
258273 As part of this change the dbcc tune(maxwritedes) interface is deprecated. Instead a new interface using sp_configure "i/o batch size" will be available. The default value for "i/o batch size" is set to 100.
258470 In some scenarios customers might see "divide by zero" errors in the sp_sysmon "Disk I/O Management" section. This has been fixed.
258514 ASE allowed an incorrect maximum value for "remote server pre-read packets", new limit is 255. Setting this value to 256 can result in connection to a remote server to hang.
258684 In circumstances involving low memory in the Java shared class heap, the Java VM may terminate with a stack trace and the message "Java VM Host: Memory allocation request failed because of insufficient memory in Jvm Process < spid > ." This message originates from module 'ScanSigItem'.
259193 The data files produced by historical server are comma delimited they should be tab delimited
259867 sp_sysmon was returning an empty result set when the "number of user connections" configuration parameter is changed dynamically. This problem has been resolved.
260114 XP server enhancement to allow longer command inputs, such as xp_cmdshell parameters wider than char(255).
260540 On Unix platforms, Adaptive Server may either hang or core dump during shutdown if the shared memory ID is removed (for example, accidentally by Backup Server due to CR 256710).
260626 If login trigger is enabled for a user login and that user's password is expired, the login session is terminated immediately upon login to ASE disallowing the user to change the password.
260642 In rare circumstances, the stored procedure sp_dbcc_faultreport may loop when it is invoked with report_type 'long' on a server that uses a multi-byte character set.
261360 The message "current process infected with 11" in the module d_socktab together with a stack trace may be reported in the error log when 'dbcc socktab' is executed is executed on a multi-engine Adaptive server.
262147 When the configured value for 'number of open objects' or 'number of open indexes' is low, ASE may hit internal error 216 during an attempt to automatically drop a temporary table, resulting in the client session being killed. The current fix diminishes the likelihood of this error from happening but does not prevent it completely.
262737 If 'select rm_appcontext("SYS_SESSION","*")' is executed, it does not return -1 as expected
263433 Usage of traceflag 8206 will enable the reuse of 'open objects' and 'open indexes' with unflushed statistics at the cost of losing them. It is however recommended to accordingly configure the number of 'open objects' and 'open indexes' to avoid their reuse, since it may lead to a performance degradation from an optimizer's point of view.
263439 The Task Management section of the sp_sysmon report might show erroneous values for the number of Task Context Switches due to "Network Packet Sent".
263752 Date will be shown in different format according to the locales set in the environment.
264620 A query which has OR predicate with LIKE clause will not benefit from additional optimization usualy done for LIKE clauses.
264663 In rare circumstances, an 803 error, "Unable to place buffer ' < address > ' from cache ' < cachename > ' holding logical page ' < page > ' in sdes for object ' < object > ..." together with a stack trace that includes the modules 'bt__lock_nextkey', 'bt__shrink', 'bt__shrinkleaf', and 'bt__pgdealloc' may be reported when inserting a row into a data-only-locked table that has an index, AT ISOLATION SERIALIZABLE.
265836 If a login is not a valid user in a database but the user guest exists, trying to use any of the built-ins GET_APPCONTEXT, SET_APPCONTEXT, RM_APPCONTEXT or LIST_APPCONTEXT will produce the errors: Msg 4060, Level 16, State 1: Line 1: Login name not found for suid -1. Check and make sure an entry exists in Syslogins. Msg 6701, Level 14, State 2: Line 1: Could not open dbid -1, object 9.
266153 Under heavy network load, ASE may terminate after a timeslice error together with a stack trace that includes the modules 'readremote', 'lc_findconn' and 'sb_getsite' reported in the error log.
266503 The stored procedure sp_object_stats may report incorrect statistics.
266631 If the target database of a LOAD DATABASE is bigger than the corresponding source database, the unused disk space may be incorrectly allocated to a segment such that what was formerly a database that had a segregated log becomes a database with mixed log and data.
267042 This new feature in ASE 12.5.1 removes the 3-byte character restriction for UTF-8 characters imposed by former releases. Henceforth, the 4-byte form of UTF-8 characters, used to specify Unicode characters beyond the Basic Multilingual Plane (i.e. beyond U+FFFF), may be used. The new character set definition file $SYBASE/charsets/utf8/charset.loc must be loaded into SYSCHARSETS for this feature to be effective.
267558 sp_serveroption allows "external engine autostart" option to be set for non-ejb servers.
268078 Java operations can fail with stacktrace in the errorlog after memory allocation failures. ("JavaVM Host: Memory allocation request failed" in the log) When using diagserver, "Assertion failed: 'obj != NULL" may appear.
268938 In some circumstances, promotion to a TABLE lock may not be occurring even though the number of PAGE locks held may exceed the configured limit.
269636 A database shutdown operation in a HA system may hang due to a livelock situation created by the ASE scheduler.
269869 Resource file used to install ASE 12.5 generates the following Connectivity errors message.. D:\ASE_12.5\ASE-12_5\sample\server > sybatch -r spawar.res CONNECTIVITY ERROR: Open Client message: 'ct_connect(): directory service layer: internal directory control layer error: Requested server name not found.
270296 The use of the Unix timezone "MET" for "Mid European Time" or "CET" for "Central European Time" can cause Java in ASE to generate incorrect times. In particular "MET" is interpreted as "Middle Eastern Time" (GMT+3:30).
270429 If a command that includes an UPDATE, INSERT or DELETE of a proxy table, is interrupted with ^C then all the changes made to the proxy table by the command may not be rolled back.
271072 An 8210 error, "Duplicate of work table descriptor found in the id hash table for temporary object ..." may be reported when executing a query that involves a referential contraint, reformatting and a DISTINCT clause.
271485 In rare circumstances a 622 error, "Opentable was passed a varno of < value > . Object ' < obj_name > ' already has that session descriptor in use", may be reported against a view that references a table in another database. And after a database load stored procedures from a different database may map to the wrong tables in the database just loaded.
271497 Null extended row is not returned for an outer join query if WHERE clause has a predicate with a character builtin function that has a non-character datatype column argument from inner table except stuff() builtin.
271619 A new stored procedure called sp_listener is introduced in order to make it possible to start and stop network listeners dynamically without rebboting the server.
271799 If multiple java threads (inside the ASE), try to load classes simultaneously, there is a possibility that some of the threads may ended up waiting indefinitely
271872 Inserting text or image values into an Oracle proxy table by means of an insert select statement fails with error "ORA-01400: cannot insert NULL into < tablename > "
272170 EJB deployment from an EJB jar file does not put the files in the correct location. This is a problem only on Microsoft Windows platform.
273365 Occasionally, the syscomments text for a CREATE VIEW command will incorrectly be preceeded by a space character.
273620 XP Server on SGI/IRIX could lock Adaptive Server Enterprise when executing extended stored procedures.
273692 A session that executes an UPDATE command of a TEXT or IMAGE column may become deadlocked with a session that executes a SELECT command on the same TEXT or IMAGE column. The fix for this is enabled with the 599 trace flag. Use of this trace flag for an allpages-locked table with a non-clustered index may be counter-productive.
274012 Modify the sysprocesses table to report the state of a command when aborting or rolling back a transaction.
274434 Addition of a new set option, "command_status_reporting". When this option is 'on', dbcc checkverify will print status messages that report the number of objects it will process, the name of the object it is currently processing, and the object's position in the object processing queue.
274497 A 4002 error, "login failed", may be reported by Replication Server at the replicate site soon after using sp_password to change a password on the local server. A new parameter < immediate > , has been added to sp_password to avoid this.
274985 Checkpoint enhancement to support an optional target database list or ALL as argument. The stored procedure sp_dboption will invoke checkpoint on the target database automatically.
275334 Checkstorage raises error messages with high severity incorrectly.
275340 This CR adds a new section to sysmon ('cache wizard'). The interface to sysmon has not changed and one can obtain the new information only by explicitly specifying the new section. sp_sysmon 'begin_sample' go sp_sysmon 'end_sample', 'cache wizard' go or sp_sysmon '00:00:10', 'cache wizard' go The new section can take additional parameters. Please refer to the docs for more details
275469 When TEXT/IMAGE data is imported through BCP using the fast mode (non-logged) with a post-12.0 ASE, the first text page will be written on disk twice causing some performance degradation as opposed to the logged mode.
275497 In rare circumstances, a sub-optimal query plan (using a work table and sort instead of an existing index) may be generated for queries with an ORDER BY clause.
275556 Enable UNION ALL selecting TEXT/IMAGE columns with ORDER BY clause. ORDER BY may not be used against TEXT/IMAGE columns.
276065 Java operations fail with message "Assertion (procp- > prspinlocksheld == 0) failed in file /calm/svr/sql/generic/ksource/proc/proc.c" in error log.
276344 The Real Time Posix Async I/O support library under Linux, in combination with Journaling Filesystems such as the EXT3 FS may show significant time delays causing ASE to interrupt outstanding Async I/O operations and terminate its scheduled operation resulting in a timeslice followed by a stacktrace with rt__daiostart() module on the stack.
276352 When the memory available for the JVM shared class heap is exceeded, increasing the size of the heap does not allow the class which encountered the problem to to be used. An "out of memory" exception or a "no class definiton found" exception continue to occur unless ASE is restarted.
277000 optdiag utility now hides password parameter from Unix ps command. This was not done prior to addressing this issue.
277283 CIS: DB2 returns an error when the command SELECT < select list > FROM < proxy table > or INSERT INTO < local table > SELECT < select list > FROM < proxy table > is executed and a NULL is specified in the < select list > . This fix is effective only if a version of DirectConnect contains the fix for CR 277098.
278049 CIS: The message " < server > < /server > Unable to evaluate VAR in var_expression()" may be reported in the error log when executing a query on a proxy table after UPDATE STATISTCS has been run on that table.
278781 A 515 error will be reported by sp_sysmon when the "appl_only" option has been specified if there is a session running an application whose name is not null, but which starts with a '\0' character.
278803 After a CREATE INDEX with SORTED_DATA is done, the datarowsize field in SYSTABSTATS may become zero.
279264 Support DOL worktables requiring GETSORTED operation. During a query's execution when ASE internally needs to create a worktable, if it decides to create it with a 'Data Only Locked' locking scheme, then errors such as 614, 691, 692, 696, 804, and 831 may occur.
279309 Using BCP with packetsize larger than 32767 may fail on ASE running on the windows NT, Linux and Dec Alpha platforms.
279606 ASE 12.0 used to send back the actual table name in the row format information when responding to PowerBuilder. Now with ASE 12.5 the view name is sent back in the row format information instead of the actual table name and this causes PowerBuilder to try an update against the view instead of the actual table.
279883 Performance enhancements made to SELECT INTO by making use of large I/O and extent allocation for the target table, wherever possible. As a result, SELECT INTO may choose the largest I/O size possible for the target table, based on the size of the buffer pools available in the target database cache. ASE will have this option on by default. ASE requires the use of -T5304 to activate this enhancement.
280035 In rare circumstances, a 2620 error may be reported during the reboot of Adaptive Server if it was terminated abnormally whilst LOAD TRANSACTION was in progress and it had recovered an index page split.
280089 Under some conditions the optimizer may incorrectly assume that a scan is able to use I/O greater than 2K thus underestimating the cost of a plan.
280090 ASE only sends out ENVCHANGE token when client is requesting a different character set from server's and character set conversion is enabled.
286098 The occurrence of SIGURG (typically as a result of old style pre TDS5 cancel command) may result in ASE hang.
286191 The login audit event is extended to contain additional information such as the IP address where the login attempt originated. This feature can be disabled using the command line trace flag -T7603.
286718 Ability to reserve at least one user connection for SA that can always be used to login to ASE, even if the user connections are all being used. This should allow sa to login to the server and maybe rectify the problem or shutdown gracefully. Status: Reviewed Sep 2002. Feature targeted (but not commited) for the 15.0 release.
287224 list_appcontext ('contextname') raises error 11021 if less than 2 arguments are passed to the function
287401 In rare circumstances the message "current process infected with 11" may be reported in the error log together with a stack trace which includes the module 'a_rgused' when processing a query that contains an aggregate within a subquery.
287505 Feature request to remove or make configurable the limit on the size of the symbol table, which limits the number of variables allowed in a batch. Error 1908 is currently raised if more than ~2-3 thousand variables are declared in a batch.
287681 During procedure I/O monitoring, the messages "**NoObject**" and "**NoDatabase**" may clutter the Historical Server output.
287778 On a multi-engine server, the transaction start time from the syslogshold table may get ahead of the OS time.
287781 If the Monitor Server cannot process monitoring data fast enough, "event loss" occurs and is reported in the Monitor Server errorlog. After event loss the Monitor Server may report inaccurate timing information to its clients, such as the Historical Server.
288146 If users run "asecfg" without having the "DISPLAY" environment variable set, segmentation fault will occur.
288522 Implemented memory management hints to increase the performance of sort with large configurations of "number of sort buffers".
288566 srvbuild utility fails on Tru64 version 5.1a
288620 The Asynchronous disk I/O subsystem within ASE is equipped with an additional traceflag allowing for instrumentation on initialization and erroneous o/s conditions. (-T1640). The Asynchronous disk I/O subsystem changes are generic towards Sun Solaris 8 and Linux RH7.2 and RH Advanced Server 2.1 and up where both platforms by default follow a Kernel Asynchronous disk I/O strategy and where not supported fall back on the (RT) Posix Asynchronous disk I/O strategy. The use of (RT) Posix Asynchronous disk I/O can be forced by booting the server with traceflag 1630.
288648 A 10330 error will be incorrectly raised when SELECT permission has been granted to read from a table, but the table name is a built-in function name.
288933 ASE certificates with chains longer than 1 fail SSL handshake. This fix incorporates SSL Plus library v.3.1.5 into ASE. ASE must be used with the corresponding OCS release using SSL Plus v.3.1.5.
289060 ASE responds to the client app in a way that causes the client application to hang or coredump. It should be passing back an error message like "ORA-00932 inconsistent datatypes..dco12_5ss" Reviewed Nov 2002. Fix is targeted for a future (as yet undetermined) 12.0.x release.
289343 When sp_commonkey and sp_foreignkey are executed against unichar and univarchar columns, error 17566 17394 are raised.
289456 New functionality to support Active Passive HA Configuration on Sun Cluster3.0
289763 str() function returns NULL when the length parameter is over 255.
289802 Incorrect results may be obtained when using the REVERSE builtin function on BINARY data and Adaptive Server is configured with a multi-byte character set.
290204 sp_dboption cannot set "ddl in tran" for temdb under HA with proxy_db
290867 A 624 error may be reported during the load of a transaction log that was originally dumped WITH STANDBY_ACCESS, and which follows the loading of a database, or a transaction log that was originally dumped without STANDBY_ACCESS.
291354 In certain circumstances, an 803 error, "Unable to place buffer ' < address > ' from cache ' < cachename > ' holding logical page ' < pageno > ' in sdes for object ' < objname > ' ..." may be reported when executing a cursor FETCH AT ISOLATION LEVEL 0 and there is a lot of concurrent DML activity on the server.
291590 CIS: The message "current process infected with 11" in any of the modules 'omni_sync_remdbname', 'omni_create_existing', 'scan_results_subst', 'scan_from_clause', 'syb10_dynamic_prepare', 'syb10_prepare_bulk' or 'syb_build_insert', together with a stack trace may be reported in the error log when a client process exits abnormally, or a network error is encountered.
291751 cursor update of a text column in a proxy table fails with error "137, Must declare variable < name > "
291762 The external DLL file name and not the entire SQL statement used to create an extended stored procedure is being stored in syscomments. This fix is enabled only by starting Adaptive Server with the 2001 trace flag.
291905 The message "current process infected with 11" in the modules omni_ct_command, omni_exec_transtmt, astc__h_predtm_dorpc together with a stack trace may be reported in the error log, if local server from within a transaction looses connection with remote ASE server.
292135 Improves checkpoint performance by increasing the batch size of doing I/O's.
292188 A column showing the number of processes that have been suspended due to the database transaction log being full has been added to the monOpenDatabases monitoring table as SuspendedProcesses.
292549 In rare circumstances incorrect results may be returned when executing a SELECT statement with an IN list or an OR operator in which there is a comparison of a BINARY or VARBINARY column.
292713 Unnecesary error messages are printed in the errorlog if ASE is configured for both SSL and non SSL connections.
292767 When a task tries to access a database while the database is undergoing creation through the 'CREATE DATABASE' command, then errors 913 and 834 may be hit with a stack trace reported in the error log showing modules 'dbt_removeall', 'bufdbclean' and 'cm_dbclean'. The same can happen if instead the database is being dropped through the 'DBCC DBREPAIR( < dbname > , DROPDB)' command.
292784 We will not allow views with unnamed columns like "create view vw as select 1". The user must specify the column names. This fix can be disabled by traceflag 1702.
292917 In rare circumstances, the message "current process infected with 11" may be reported in the error log together with a stack trace which includes the module 'a_calcrowlen' when processing a query that uses mutiple worktables and the first aggregate of the second worktable is an AVG aggregate.
293013 On Windows 2000 Advanced Server and Datacenter Edition, running the syconfig program from the Start menu will result in a message box that reads "invalid command line argument 'and'" You can work around this problem by running syconfig from the command line. Reviewed Nov 2002. Fix is targeted (but not committed) for the ASE 12.5.1 release.
293172 Failover of HA client may fail to login to secondary server with message 'ha session not found'.
293321 In "sybmigrate", user gets an unexpected exception "java.lang.IllegalArgumentException" when connect to the ASE with port number > 65535.
293525 A 4409 error, "The columns in the query definition and the view definition do not match" may be reported when executing a query that references the same column in the select list and in the WHERE clause of a view which itself defines that same column as a subquery.
293687 A 12818 error, "Cannot create an object of this type in system-created proxy database." maybe raised when an ALTER TABLE command that adds a column with DEFAULT clause is executed on a HA server that has been configured as 'with_proxydb'.
293708 Stored Procedure activity may incorrectly reported by Historical Server.
294058 In rare circumstances a 622 error, "Opentable was passed a varno of < value > . Object ' < obj_name > ' already has that session descriptor in use", may be reported against a view that references a table in another database.
294092 srvbuild and srvbuildres fail to detect soft partitions feature of the Solstice DiskSuite. This is a regression of CR 278710.
294214 The message "current process infected with 11" together with a stack trace that includes the modules 'pchk_text_page' and 'pchk_all_pages' may be reported by DBCC CHECKSTORAGE or DBCC CHECKVERIFY when using the 7109 trace flag to implement the pre-12.0 TEXT strategy (originally done under CR 237929).
294490 A new command line argument -L (which takes the progress log output file name) has been added to the DDLGen. The progress of the DDLGen will be logged to this file.
294501 On a multi-engine server, a timeslice error may be reported in the error log together with a stack trace that includes the module 'cm_grabmem_lru' if many sessions are executing parallel SELECT INTO commands concurrently or otherwise changing the schema of tables.
294687 an "insert into < proxy table > select from < local table > " statement may fail with error "206, Operand type clash"
294809 Add a new character set mac_euro to support the EURO symbol in 'mac' character set.
295074 If DBCC CHECKSTORAGE crashes, failure to cleanup its resources may cause other processes to hang.
295076 An equality SELECT FROM the sysprocesses table on either 'clientname', 'clientapplname' or 'clienthostname' will incorrectly return no results.
295092 The message "current process infected with 11" in the module 'ap__dt_plan' together with a stack trace that includes the modules 'ap_print' and 's_ap_capture' may be reported in the error log when a plan is generated using SET PLAN DUMP ON for an "INSERT < table > SELECT" query that does not have a FROM clause and < table > has a referential constraint.
295104 Addition of a new builtin function, audit_event_name(), which given an audit event number, returns the associated description of the event.
295166 Improved error handling for the audit process when the 'auditing' configuration parameter is enabled.
295284 New attribute is added for sp_chgattribute to support user to set identity max values. The syntax will be: sp_chgattribute tab_name, "identity_burn_max", 0, new_identity_val
295429 Under some circumstances, the index of a table is marked as "suspect" after loading a database that was dumped on a 12.0.x server, into a 12.5.x server. Msg 3121 may be falsely raised at load database time: "Index < tabname.indname > (objid= < objid > , indid= < indid > ) may be invalid. It uses CHAR or VARCHAR columns in its key and was created under a different sort order ID (0) or charset ID (0) than the ones on this server (SortOrd= < sortord id > , CharSet= < charset id > )", even though the index does not have any CHAR or VARCHAR columns and the sortorder/charset id has not changed between the dump and load.
296064 In some cases, a sub-optimal plan that uses a covering index may be chosen by the optimizer for a query that has an OR clause because this appears to be the cheapest access path. In reality, taking account of concurrency may generate a better plan than simply choosing the cheapest. This fix extends concurrency optimization to enable the optimizer to make a better judgement.
296194 Two new nopref sortorders are added for cp1251: and
296370 The command SELECT EXP( < large negative value > ) returns NULL (arithmetic overflow) instead of 0.000000.
296898 A query that has an OR condition and a LIKE clause that does a comparison with a pattern with a leading wildcard character may not benefit from some OR optimization strategies with the result that execution of the query will be sub-optimal.
297222 Creating tables within stored procedures can lead to object resolution problems yielding unexpected 267 errors
297378 For certain locales such as Chinese, Japanese, or Korean, the server's minimum database sizes are too small to permit a successful installation: database logs fill up and installation stalls due to lack of space. Provide server command line flags to declare the desired size for the master and model databases, so that new installations can be created with databases large enough to guarantee a successful install. Provide support in the installation tools to calculate these sizes and communicate them to the server.
297385 Entering multiple shutdown commands will result in these processes waiting for each other to finish.
298070 Error message 11136 still references the configuration parameter "max roles enabled per user". This parameter existed in 12.0 but was removed in 12.5, the limit is now simply hardcoded at 127.
298244 On HP 64 bit platforms, a session may not be cleaned up immediately when a client process is killed from the operating system command line.
298298 A new config parameter 'send doneinproc tokens' was added to control when the DONEINPROC tokens are transmitted. This can be set to 0 or 1. '0' restricts the transmission of DONEINPROC tokens to after SELECT statements only and 1 indicates there is no restriction on the transmission of these tokens. The default is 1. This replaces the dbcc tune() 'doneinproc' option.
298303 The message "current process infected with 11" in the module memalloc together with a stack trace which includes the modules stu_findslot, st_hist_has_freqcells and j_process_n_bld_distmap, may be reported in the error log for queries using sort-merge join, and one of the columns used in the join has the value NULL for all rows in the table.
298485 A bug where ASE detects incorrectly there was system error when more that 1000 backup config files exists was fixed.
298497 Monitor Server may report "spikes" in the elapsed time of a stored procedure on busy multi-engine servers.
298585 In some cases, truncation of syslogs may be prevented when a query does a "sorted" sort in tempdb (for ORDER BY or DISTINCT) within an explicit user transaction which is neither explicitly committed nor rolled back, despite there being no updates, inserts or deletes done within the transaction.
298620 The non clustered index Sysusers.ncsysusers2 created during the installation of a 12.5 ASE does not have the unique attribute set whereas it should.
298637 The monErrorLog monitoring table now reports the error state as the State column. Messages of the form 'Error: %, Severity: %, State: %' are no longer reported by monErrorLog as the ErrorNumber, Severity and State are all included for the actual error message, thus making these additional informative messages redundant.
298799 If either GRANT actions or JAVA CLASSES REMOVE actions are being audited, sp_displayaudit incorrectly displays that both actions are being audited. In either case, only GRANT actions are actually being audited.
298976 The message "current infected with 11" in the module 'sqx__do_transform' or in the module 'com__subquery' may be reported in the errrorlog when executing SELECT that contains subqueries and assigns multiple local variables that are used in the SELECT list and in the WHERE clause.
299039 On HP-UX platform, setsockopt(), accept() and connect() system calls may be interrupted by a signal and fail. ASE treats EINTR as unrecoverable error leading to the connection being aborted by the network handler. ASE may report "nopen: accept, Interupted system call" in the errorlog leading to 1605 error.
299150 When the last non-granted blocking lock is released because its associated session is either interrupted or killed, Adaptive Server does not re-evaluate the grantable lock requests that are no longer blocked. This situation is rare, but it will result in unnecessary blocking situations, for example a 'shared page' lock that is granted to task A may block a 'shared page' compatible lock requested by task B.
299160 "kesetown: engine < engine number > is still not online after < number of attempts > attempts to affinity to it" may be raised when an engine is offline and dbcc monitor is executed multiple times (through sp_sysmon or historical server).
299239 CIS: Execution of the query INSERT...SELECT < constant string > FROM proxy table, will either cause garbage to be inserted, or give a syntax error with Msg 156, or cause a stack trace in inserttext() depending on the length of text constant in the SELECT clause.
299280 An 2805 error, "Bad pointer 0x2 encountered while remapping stored procedure. Invalid pointer param number 3, pointer value 0x0'. Must re-create procedure" is reported when executing a SQL statement that uses an aggregate function in a WHERE clause within subquery under a HAVING clause on a correlated column. The error is raised when such a statement is executed via a stored procedure which is recompiled.
299413 When a cursor is declared with a right-nested ANSI OUTER JOIN and the SET CURSOR ROWS option is set to more than 1, then a FETCH statement may return an incorrect null-supplied row.
299527 Implicit conversion from float to numeric fails for proxy tables in ASE 12.0.x and 12.5.x. with Msg 241: Msg 241, Level 16, State 2: Server 'local', Line 3: Scale error during implicit conversion of NUMERIC value '11.6000004' to a DECIMAL field.
299696 In certain occasions, NT based ASE servers may tend to favor compute-bound tasks over io-bound tasks (potentially 10 times to 1) resulting in unreasonably poor performance for the io-bound tasks.
299788 Call to smc_connect_alloc results in 36 bytes of memory leak
299834 Monitor Client Library sample programs don't build on NT
299964 Error messages were previously captured and reported by the monErrorLog monitoring table when the configuration option 'errorlog pipe max messages' was greater than 0, regardless of the value of 'errorlog pipe active'. Now, 'errorlog pipe active' must also be enabled for this to happen.
300706 A 540 error followed by a 225 error, will be raised when accessing a table, if a non clustered index is created on this table in the same batch.
300807 The statement "ALTER TABLE < tablename > ADD COL < varchar_colname > DEFAULT < default value > " may cause the process to be infected with signal 10 if the default value consists of more characters than the server page size. The bad address would contain module ubffree, and the stack trace may contain routines memfreeheap() and pre_alttab().
300894 The Monitor Server in the ASE-12.5.03 Beta release has a high CPU usage after startup.
300959 Modifying a variable length column's datatype to change its nullability or its length would not cause stored procedures to be renormalized. This could lead to incorrect results or internal memory corruption, which can result in timeslice errors or recursive segmentation violations.
300978 Since 11.9, a query that forces the use of a specific index using the INDEX clause in a SELECT statement and which has an OR clause, may perform sub-optimally because the special OR strategy is not considered by the optimizer. A possible workaround would be to remove the INDEX clause from the query.
301065 DUMP TRAN using multiple stripes may produce files with very different sizes.
301072 Under heavy load conditions on ASE running on NT using SSL, exceptions arising in the Connectivity libraries linked with ASE cause ASE to exit abruptly, with the message "A SERIOUS UNHANDLED EXCEPTION HAS OCCURRED. SERVER MAY NOT BE ABLE TO CONTINUE" in the errorlog.
301177 The 'sp_stored_procedures' stored procedure does not show a procedure whose access is granted via a user-defined role.
301262 The command 'set lock wait' called from a stored procedure is executed only when the procedure is compiled.
301692 Sqldbgr could hang when a user attempts to run a non-existent stored procedure. This problem is fixed by providing an appropriate error message with a trace in the sqldbgr code and continuing to run the sqldbgr
301771 Non sa_role/ha connection requests can prevent polite SHUTDOWN from completing.
301829 sp_sysmon was reporting high engine load on all engines incorrectly, when most of the engines were less active and only a couple of engines were under high load.
301910 In rare circumstances for an All Pages Locked table an invalid expected row length and offset VALUE may be reported with error message 631 "The length of < value > passed to delete row routine for the row at offset < value > is incorrect on the following page: < value > . The expected row length is < VALUE > . The offset should be no greater than < VALUE > ". Alternatively when the configuration option 'print recovery information' is active the error message 3410 "Roll back transaction ' < value > ' -- was aborted." may not be correctly reported.
301914 Addition of a new command "dbcc tune(loglicenseuse, 0)" for logging "license use" information into syblicenseslog.
301961 Slight improvement to information output to error log when ASE encounters an unhandled exception on the NT platform
301972 On Windows platform, DUMP and LOAD commands leak file handles which can accumulate over a series of dump/loads, with the backupserver eventually running out of file handles and reporting the error "nl__write_defer: write failed on socket 1: Insufficient quota to complete the requested service".
302115 Provides Java samples to illustrate the usage of SQL-to-XML and XML-to-SQL mapping functionality, as specificed by the SQLX standards (part of ANSI SQL committe). The samples are available under $SYBASE/ASE-12_5/samples/JavaSql-R1 directory.
302123 ASE on windows NT will not listen on the virtual IP address in a Microsoft NT cluster system. It listens on the local node's address instead.
302165 As the size of the default data cache increase the recovery time for the database becomes slower
302167 ASE core dumps on startup if TZ (timezone) environment variable is set to an invalid value. Invalid values generaly involve a standard timezone setting (GMT, CST, etc) with an offset exceeding 12 or 24 hours (depending on platform).
302228 When running with double-byte character sets, the utility cpre raises M_SYNTAX_PARSE error during precompilation.
302438 A 940 error will be reported when the builtin OBJECT_NAME( < objid > , < dbid > ) is invoked such that the < objid > value is for a master database-only system table, the < dbid > value is not '1' and the builtin is invoked from a database other than that given by < dbid > .
302696 Under heavy load, in multi-engine system, Rep Agent processes encounter "timeslice" errors in usctconengine().
302979 A 10367 error will be incorrectly raised when a user with permission to SELECT a grantable built-in (SET_APPCONTEXT, GET_APPCONTEXT, RM_APPCONTEXT or LIST_APPCONTEXT), tries to SELECT them from within a stored procedure owned by another user who has not been explicitely granted to do so.
303045 The sybatch sample resource file does not include the sqlsrv.server_page_size attribute
303080 In rare circumstances, the message "current process infected with 11" may be reported in the error log together with a stack trace that includes the modules 'dol_qualrow' and 'dol__get_lock' when a data only locked table is queried. Alternatively, a 12300 error, "Internal error: in table ' < value > ', database < value > , the forwarded row ( < value > , < value > ) pointed to by ( < value > , < value > ) is invalid", may be reported.
303178 If an engine offline request causes the engine to enter the "dormant" state, and the entire server is shutdown while that engine is still in the dormant state, the unix process corresponding to the dormant engine may still be present after shutdown.
303319 In ASE, give Sybase Central the ability to display the Quiesce Database tag for any database in the Quiesce Database hold state.
303408 The CountersCleared column of the monState monitoring table is now updated with the date that the monitor counters were last cleared by sp_sysmon.
303423 The message "Msg 225, Level 16, State 1 Cannot run query--referenced object (name NAME NOT RECOVERABLE) dropped during query optimization." maybe reported when executing a SELECT INTO statement using views in the FROM clause together with multiple UNION clauses and a GROUP BY clause.
303508 Assertion failure in ct_con_props- > ct_api_constatus() when RepAgent is shutting down. Occurs only with diagserver and diag OCS libraries. Stacktrace will show ra_drop_csconn()- > ct_con_props()- > com_bomb().
303572 xpserver versions and higher for 32-bit AIX may fail to run if the full OpenServer SDK has not been installed in $SYBASE/$SYBASE_OCS. Attempting to run xpserver fails in exec() reporting "Cannot load program xpserver because of the following errors: " followed by the message "Dependent module could not be loaded".
303850 When executing deeply nested stored procedures (at least 14 levels of nesting with the default stack size), the ASE server may generate a stack trace and the following messages: "Stack overflow detected:" and "Stack guardword corrupted.", and exit.
303948 Upgrade to ASE 12.5 will fail if the trace flag 3610 is enabled. The message "Database ' < value > ': beginning upgrade step [ID 1307]: executing SQL statement (if not exists (select 1 from syscol)" would be followed by 1505 error "Create unique index aborted on duplicate key. Primary key is ' < value > '".
303960 Running REORG REBUILD on an index of a DATA_ONLY LOCKED table, Error 12323, state 51 may be raised when running REORG REBUILD on an index of a DATA_ONLY LOCKED table. A stack trace will appear in the errorlog with module bt__batchinsert_log_getendpos() and bt__rebldchk_failed().
303993 Sessions with a 'tempdb_space' resource limit imposed through SP_ADD_RESOURCE_LIMIT may hang in a status of 'MAINTENANCE TOKEN' as shown by SP_WHO. ASE would need to be restarted to alleviate this problem.
304052 A query containing a like clause against a text column will incorrectly return rows where the text column has a value of NULL. This will happen if the row previously contained a non-NULL text value, but has since been updated to NULL.
304194 CIS : An RPC call from a server in one HA cluster to a remote server in another HA cluster fails with error 11216 and 11206
304273 In rare circumstances, the sysaudits_0 < n > table may become corrupted if a SHUTDOWN WITH NOWAIT is done at the same time as an audit record is being inserted into the table.
304323 When configured with SunCluster3.0 cluster, if monitoring is enabled when the monitor user is not added to ASE, the monitor program fails to start but it doesn't give any error.
304543 Multi-engine ASE occassionally fails to bring all engines online on Solaris 9. ASE kernel reports "Process < process ID of failed engine process > exited with status 0" in the errorlog followed by the message "current process infected with 11" in the module 'kediagexit' together with a stack trace.
304544 When configured with Suncluster3.0 cluster, if the ha_companion. < server_name > file is not available on secondary node, failover fails with syntax errors like "syntax error at line 13 : `end of file' unexpected" on console screen.
304593 sp_sysmon now prints the full date and time when the statistics is cleared and sampled.
304695 DBCC CHECKDB incorrectly checks objects that are not tables.
304850 EFTS: For SOLARIS and NT only, additional vdkLanguages and vdkCharsets have been incorporated into the Enhanced Full-Text Search. Please see the Release Bulletin for more details.
304892 sp_spaceused syslogs, sp_helpsegment "logsegment", and DBCC CHECKTABLE(syslogs) do not report the amount of log space that is reserved for rollback log records.
305018 CIS: select from proxy RPC in a stored procedure may not return correct result set.
305058 LOAD DATABASE may fail with error 8201 "Keep count of descriptor (objid= < value > , dbid= < value > was expected to be 1. Instead 2 was found." after error 3121 "Index < value > . < value > (objid= < value > , indid= < value > ) may be invalid. It uses CHAR or VARCHAR columns in its key and was created under a different sort order ID ( < value > ) or charset ID ( < value > ) than the ones on this server (SortOrd= < value > , CharSet= < value > )." was first raised for a table that has more than one such index. The stack trace will report modules 'lddb_main', 'des_refreshall' and 'des__clean'.
305147 The order in which the rows were inserted in a Data Only Locked table via the SELECT INTO < target > FROM < source > ORDER BY command was not predictable. We now retain this sequence by inserting rows in the order of rows received.
305156 On LINUX platform, the Chinese, some Korean entries are missing from the locales.dat file.
305642 Data truncation may occur on character or binary data that is passsed to Adaptive Server as a host variable to a Dynamic SQL statement. Truncation occurs when BOTH the following hold true: 1) The dynamic parameter marker is used as the argument to a builtin function or a string concatenation expression. For example (using Embedded/SQL syntax, but not limited to Embedded/SQL): PREPARE s FROM "SELECT 1 FROM t WHERE col1 = col2 + '?'" where the host variable data is greater than 255 bytes. 2) The dynamic statement is executed more than once, and the second execution uses data that exceeds in length the data used on the first execution. For example: EXECUTE s USING :one_thousand_byte_var; . . . EXECUTE s USING :two_thousand_byte_var;
305827 A 7791 error, "Unable to remap lockid for table < table_name > in database < db_name > " or error 267, "Object ' < table_name > ' cannot be found." may be reported when executing a stored procedure that does a CREATE TABLE under a IF statement and a SELECT from the same table.
305865 A new functionality has been added to perform some simple sanity checks on 'sysgams' system table when command DBCC CHECKTABLE('sysgams') is executed.
305948 On 64bit HP and Solaris platforms, view creation via hs_create_view fails with error, "Unable to acquire a buffer for summarizing event".
305953 Provide an option to filter certain objects from the output of the database/table ddl.
306105 One session logged in with -Jsjis to a EUCJIS server with 'enable unicode conversion' initally set to 2, and changed 'unicode' to 2. When another session logs in with -Jsjis and inserts Zenkaku chars, 102 and 105 errors are raised.
306114 During the creation of a database with a size greater than 63 G-bytes, the message "Sysgams in database < value > has < value > extents, but the database needs < value > . Please contact Technical Support for assistance." may be incorrectly reported in the error log.
306117 A 233 error will be incorrectly reported when compiling a procedure that has an INSERT that does not supply data for a column having a default when the default is added using ALTER TABLE immediately after the SELECT INTO that created the object.
306145 Error 1158 may be reported together with a stack trace in the error log including the modules 'attrib_insrow' and 'pg__allocate' when a SELECT-INTO command is executed that has a local table as destination and a proxy table as source corresponding to the execution of an external remote procedure.
306154 When a duplicate row or key is inserted into a table where an index has been created with ignore_dup_key or ignore_dup_row, @@error value is set to 3601 to indicate the command has been aborted. This value should be zero as the duplicate key or row has been specified, to be ignored, through the create index options.
306207 On the AIX platform, a server configured for multiple engines may die at boot time after all databases have been recovered. Messages similar to "os_process_exists: kill failed. pid 1 Not owner" and "engine 6, os pid 1 exited" will appear in the log.
306210 When server's default character set is utf-8 (or other Asian character sets), server stack traces when creating over 16k nchar/unichar local variables.
306265 When used with Unichar values containing surrogate pairs, use of the "stuff" built-in function sometimes causes truncation of the resulting value.
306276 With 12.5.1, sp_deviceattr will print out a reboot message when 'dsync' attribute is changed. Eg: When 'dsync' is turned 'off' for device 'emp_dev' using sp_deviceattr, you will get the message: 'dsync' attribute of device 'emp_dev' turned 'off'. Restart Adaptive Server for the change to take effect.
306333 Under some circumstances Adaptive Server could send an additional return status when a stored procedure is invoked by a client application as a remote procedure call and a cancel attention is also sent by that client application.
306353 bcp into a proxy table mapped to Oracle fails with Oracle erro ORA-01036
306552 Error message reporting CHECK contraint violation may indicate incorrect constraint name or sometimes no name at all.
306553 In rare circumstances trailing control characters of a CREATE PROCEDURE or CREATE TRIGGER batch are not saved in syscomments.
306573 In rare cirumstances an 1127 error, "Internal Error: The OAM has no room for new inserts. Check OAM for object < value > , index < value > .", may be reported when there are very large number of concurrent page allocations resulting in the session being killed. A stack trace in the error log will report modules 'pg__oamspace', 'pg__allocoam' and 'pg__cond_insertoam'.
306744 Performance degradation may occur when running dbcc checkverify() because index selection may be skipped on the dbcc_faults and dbcc_fault_params tables in the dbccdb database.
306972 In a very highly active High Available(HA) subsystem, where lots of user tasks are using a database and the system crashes, the database shutdown may not succeed complaining that there are active users currently using the datbase.
306976 With applications that use temporary tables having defaults defined on its columns from within stored procedures, deadlocks may sometimes happen involving tables Syscolumns and Syscomments.
307132 In rare circumstances, a 7949 error may be reported after a transaction log has been loaded that includes a CREATE INDEX.
307212 Extend the 'force' option of dbcc upgrade_object() to force the recreate of a stored procedure from text in syscomments.
307449 sp_checkresword shows in error that 'double and 'precision' are reserve words.
307797 On the Linux platform, improve shared memory address mapping to increase the upper limit of ASE's "max memory" parameter from roughly 2 gb to roughly 2.75 gb.
308175 If the ASE's default sort order is case insensitive 'nocase_iso_1',an index creation on a Data Only Locked table that has a lot of rows may cause 'dbcc checktable' to raise error 12905 "Index < indid > of object < objid > corrupt; key values in child page < pageid > inconsistent for parent page < pageid > . Drop and recreate the index".
308220 Space allocation is not optimal when BCP inserts rows into an indexed DOL table using a small batch size by using -b option.
308432 When selecting from a proxy table mapped to a directory and specifying a specific filename a search is done of all files.
308621 The message "Logical Process Manager Error: Failed to use database with id 1. Check preceding errors related to usability of this database." is reported in the error log when loading database 'master' (with Adaptive Server started in 'single user' mode). This message doesn't affect the load and recovery of 'master' database.
308668 Add support for a new server class, RPCServer. This will enable Backup Server, XP Server and any other Open Server applications to be handled as RPC servers.
308756 An 834 error, "Illegal attempt to clean buffer", may be reported in the error log if a user tries to log in to Adaptive Server while the master database is being loaded.
308785 A 8402, 6902 or 631 error may be raised during rollback of an " from view" statement where the view contains a union, and the view references a table in a different database to that where the table is being inserted into.
308823 In rare circumstances the END keyword of a T-SQL batch sent to the server used to create a stored procedure or a trigger could be missing from syscomments. This happens when the END keyword is the last keyword in the batch and there is no space or carriage return present after the END keyword.
308921 It is not possible to audit the "mon_role" system role using sp_audit "all", "mon_role"
308938 Executing a readtext on a proxy table mapped to a directory, the length argument is ignored and all of the text is returned.
309232 Finish button on a wizard is enabled when the wizard is ready to create an object. The user does not need to go to the last page of a wizard to create the object.
309287 Error message 2358 is reported when running 'sp_modifylogin' under HA from user's default database which is not the master database. Error message 18897 is reported when user switched to the master database and running 'sp_modifylogin' there.
309516 EFTS: ICU locales and some filter files are missing.
309680 Fixed a bug in which the server does not take into account static cache parameters while allocating new resources. This will result in ovecompensation of physical memory in a pre 12.5.1 ASE server.
309719 A 2762 error, "The 'CREATE TABLE' command is not allowed within a multi-statement transaction" will be reported when one of the stored procedures sp_tables, sp_stored_procedures or sp_ijdbc_stored_procedures is executed in an active transaction.
309738 CIS: A 911 error, "Attempt to locate entry in sysdatabases for database < name > by name failed", 195 error, "Incorrect syntax near ','", and 102 error, " < char > is not a recognized parameter option" may be reported when CREATE DATABASE...WITH DEFAULT_LOCATION...FOR PROXY_UPDATE is run against a remote table.
309909 The message "current process infected with 11" in the module 'vu_unionpushdown' together with a stacktrace which includes the modules 'pre_aggview' and 'tmp_preprocess' may be reported in the errorlog if a SELECT INTO having a UNION clause based on views which also contain UNION clauses is executed.
309945 The peformance of the stored procedure sp_locklogin degrades in a HA environment when ASE contains a large number of logins and roles.
310292 CIS: signal 11 stack traces occur in syb_net_write or syb_net_read when remote connection is killed manually using 'kill spid' or when the remote server is shut down with 'no wait' option.
310384 Under rare circumstances error 2525 may be raised by 'dbcc tablealloc' when run against a Data Only Locked table followed by a segmentation violation in module 'getpage_with_validation' with a stack trace in the error log resulting in the session being killed.
310512 The -u option of the Sun Cluster3.0 install/admin script 'syscadm' fails to UNMANAGE a resource group, if the resource group is not offline or if any of its resources are not disabled.
310554 Monitoring table date column definitions are changed to 'datetime null' for all columns where the date could be null. Previously these were returned as 'Jan 1 1900 12:00AM'.
310668 The Extended Stored Procedure example, xp_echo on 64bit HP platform failed with error mesage, "Could not load library".
310696 The CHECKPOINT process will get blocked on a database marked as 'trunc log on chkpt' while DBCC CHECKVERIFY is being executed in that database.
310699 CIS: Temporary proxy tables (#tempTab) mapped to remote procedures do not support "parameter columns" with names beginning with underscores.
310793 When a session opens multiple cursors on an object in a transaction that results in promotion to an exclusive table level lock on that same object, then other readers or writers accessing this object will not be blocked by this exclusive lock. An 820 error may be reported by the concurrent sessions that are trying to update the same pages.
310855 New functionality is added, so that CS- / CT-Library messages are printed at boot time when there's a CS- / CT-Library issue.
310994 The sampling option of update statistics for DOL tables does not result in a significant performance improvement.
311039 When auditing an object with a long name (fully qualified database name and owner name), Msg 7604 "An unknown audit event type was received" will be reported.
311168 extractjava used to truncate extracted JAR files to a size of 32K. This problem has now been corrected.
311175 When a java method executing within ASE uses the native JDBC facility to execute a query that contains at least one aggregation operation and an ORDER BY clause containing the DESC keyword, the server may terminate the connection.
311229 New monitors have been added to track the number of recompilations of stored procedures and the reason for these recompilations. In the same way, SP_SYSMON output have been extented to report these new values in the "Procedure Cache Management" section.
311461 When the procedure cache is fully utilized, most recently used procedure plans are discarded in favor of less recently used plans. This unintended change in the replacement policy results in more procedure reads and lead to a performance degradation. Applications that use EXECUTE < proc > WITH RECOMPILE, will observe a heavier degradation due to a higher need for caching new plans; creating these procedures using CREATE < proc > WITH RECOMPILE will improve the performance of ASE.
311477 The total number of parallel queries attempted by a process is added to the monProcessWorkerThread monitoring table as column ParallelQueries. The family identifier is also reported as column FamilyID.
311574 When there exists an application binding (to a specific temporary database or to the default group), and an application with a zero length application name logs into the server, the session gets assigned a temporary database based on the first application binding that gets retrieved from SYSATTRIBUTES. An application with a zero length application name will not have any application binding that it qualifies for. Further, it will not be possible to create an application binding for an application name of "" (i.e. the empty string).
311604 If user fails to connect to server with default charset, ASE Plugin will suggest user to reconnect using iso_1 charset, it will reconnect after get a confirmation from user.
311691 A 264 error, "Column name appears more than once in the result column list." may be incorrectly reported if a stored procedure tries to create a table with the same name as the procedure.
311722 Fix for CR 196218 causes problems with char_length() reporting a wrong length on variables with a VARCHAR or VARBINARY datatype. This happens when the variable with CHAR / BINARY datatype is asigned to the variable with the VARCHAR / VARBINARY datatype. A new version of the fix for CR 196218 will be available later under CR 263837.
311724 In rare circumstances, Adaptive Server may incorrectly store SQL-text in syscomments when multiple control characters like spaces are present between certain SQL keywords. For example CREATE < space > < space > TABLE could be stored as CCREATE < space > TABLE.
311824 When using install script 'syscadm' to create ASE resouce group and related resources on Sun Cluster3.0, the script fails if global device paths or device group names are specified for SUNW.HAStorage/SUNW.HAStoragePlus resource properties. Also, the script fails if multiple resource group names are specified as a comma separated list, to the -r and -u options.
311830 Login bindings for all logins are now possible for the multiple tempdb feature. Previously these were restricted to the 'sa' only. This restriction has been removed. Login bindings take priority over application bindings. (Login, Application) pair bindings are still not supported.
311877 An XAER_RMERR may be reported by 'xa_commit' when committing an external XA transaction and the Adaptive Server configuration parameter "lock scheme" is not set to "allpages". This is applicable only when native XA DTM services are not being used. In order to get the benefit of this fix, the 'sybsystemdb.dbo.spt_committab' table must be dropped before running the 'installcommit' script (the 'instcomm' script on NT). This should only be done when the table has no rows in it.
311901 Negative values for "empty page count" may appear in the output of optdiag.
311983 isql 12.5 hangs if the length of character/binary column is greater than 255 byte in one side of UNION ALL and less than or equal to 255 byte in another side of UNION ALL.
312072 A 156 error, "Incorrect syntax near the keyword 'end'." while creating a procedure or trigger could be raised because of an empty BEGIN/END block in the SQL being used. This error is raised correctly but the procedure/trigger text is saved in syscomments anyway.
312194 On NT only, booting with -M flag overrides %SYBASE% setting/
312212 Error 11054, "The table ' < table name > ' is an inner member of an outer-join clause. This is not allowed if the table also participates in a regular join clause." can be raised when executing a SELECT INTO. The message is correct but temporary tables created during that session are orphaned.
312304 The message "current process infected with 10" in the module 'getnext' may be reported in the error log for case statement involving text conversion as one of its case elements when trace flag 289 is enabled.
312432 Under rare circunstances Replication Agent can report the error 9219 followed signal 11 and stacktrace including function kbremove() when it tries to process a corrupted log record.
312480 Bad rowlengths from BCP could corrupt the target table and/or generate errors 4837, 2624, 631. Errors 614 could follow. This is usually caused by network/hardware/OS problems.
312518 A 255 error, "Cannot run query--referenced object (name NAME NOT RECOVERABLE) dropped during query optimization." maybe be reported when executing system stored procedures or when querying system tables.
312541 If the interfaces file has read only permissions, dsedit will get a segmentation fault (core dump) when user clicks the OK button on the first screen.
312703 Using JDBC/Jconnect, queries against the Full-Text Search SDS (FTS) fail with the message "syntax error, near TOKEN [.]". The same failure occurs when using isql, if the user has set quoted_identifier on.
313072 The three files, make.unix, and examples.imp are missing under $SYBASE/$SYBASE_ASE/sample/esp/ on ibmaix64 platform.
313075 sp_dbcc_faultreport supports a new parameter, @hard_only that can be 0 or 1. 1 indicates report only hard faults. 0 is the default and reports everything as currently.
313141 The segment size is now corrected for server which is not 2K. The device tab of segment properties is now showing the size of device that is used by segment, not total device size. The device size can be found in database device properties which can be interlink from the device tab of segment properties.
313273 CIS : In a HA environment, the ASTC coordinator connecting to a companion server as 'probe' login may result in repeated connection failure and error "Msg 4073 : HA login failed. Server not in primary configuration" message
313284 sp_object_stats does not report activity on objects in tempdb.
313290 BCP operation may fail with 4837 (bad row length) or other random error when the real cause is a read failure from the network.
313417 str_replace() function does not allow specifying a null replacement string.
313431 In rare circumstances, the message "current process infected with 10" may be reported in the error log together with a stack trace which includes the module 'run' when processing a query that uses an AVG aggregate on 64 bit ASE.
313580 UPPER() and LOWER() functions return wrong results for Roman numeral characters in SJIS and EUCJIS character sets.
313710 When using sp_dropsegment or sp_extendsegment to drop or modify a database segment, if the user is not in the database supplied as a parameter to the procedure then the procedure will mistakenly say that the user may not 'add' a segment in that database.
313720 Without this fix, TEXT/IMAGE column datatype was always showed as JAVA OBJECT type at meta data in internal JDBC driver. With this fix, TEXT/IMAGE column datatype is showed as TEXT/IMAGE type at meta data in internal JDBC driver.
313734 Internal Development: Sanitized Desc. not required.
313744 Under very rare circumstances, an HA failover session may fail raising errors 6502 and 941.
313760 This does not affect English version of the ASE release.
313764 sqldbgr raises a signal 11 on ps_dl_ncmp against a noaccent ASE sort order
313804 ASE skips polling unused network types leading to too few CPU yields. This problem also causes the sp_sysmon 'number of CPU yields' to be incorrect.
313809 Cross-database SELECT INTO using a view may report incorrect user types in syscolumns.
313869 A 706 error, "Process ... tried to remove PROC_HDR ... that it does not hold in Pss." maybe reported in the errrorlog with a stacktrace which includes the modules 'free_netdiagbuf' and 'rm_prochdr' when running a stored procedure that contains DBCC TRACEON(3604) or DBCC TRACEOFF(3604) commmands.
313955 Fixed a bug in the Java subsystem where the server allocates java memory under a spinlock. The bug might show up as time slice errors on other tasks in a pre ASE 12.5.1 server.
314030 Under rare circumstances, when a SELECT max( < colname > ) type query is run on a data-only locked table, with a backward scan chosen, and there are other sessions doing a lot of INSERTs to the table in parallel, the query might fail with a signal 11 in module bt__lfrow_cmp(). The stack trace will include routines bt__nextpg_chase() and bt__row_and_rid_compare().
314049 In rare circumstances, a protocol error may be incorrectly reported by an XA TM when a thread attaches to a transaction that has a branch in an Adaptive Server database at exactly the same time as another thread detaches from the same transaction.
314155 Queries with GROUP BY and ORDER BY clause with DESC order may not return rows in requested order. This happens only if backward scans are enabled.
314222 On IBM AIX and HP-UX platforms, the ASE-imposed limit of 2000 on the maximum available file descriptors has been removed. This will enable more than 2000 user connections per engine, unless limited by other factors such as memory or the OS limit on file descriptors. This change makes obsolete the use of traceflag -T1627 on the HP platform.
314306 Without this fix, "getString" on Java object column will have error raised. With this fix, the string representation of the object will returned without error.
314468 When the diagserver is run and implicit cursors are used in a client application, the following errors can be generated if all of the qualifying rows of the cursor can be returned in the CURSOR OPEN command (i.e. a subsequent CURSOR FETCH command will find no more rows): Open Client Message: Message number: LAYER = (4) ORIGIN = (2) SEVERITY = (6) NUMBER = (36) internal Client Library error: There is a tds state machine error. illegal tds token sequence was received. This error can only happen with the diagserver, not the dataserver.
314497 If a login trigger is created using 'quoted identifier', error 105 "Unclosed quote before the character string 's_proc'." may be reported at login time
314512 CIS: A subset of inserted rows will remain after a 1204 error, "SQL Server has run out of LOCKS...", is reported during the execution of an INSERT < proxy_table > SELECT FROM < local_table > .
314524 Logon to the Monitor Server may fail intermittently when using ldap directory services.
314769 Monitor Server may sometimes report incorrect elapsed time of a stored procedure on busy multi-engine servers.
314806 HS crashes during a recording session, with the "Fatal server error: 16151/20/0: Thread '7' has overflowed or corrupted its stack -- aborting" message in its log
314833 With this fix, FUNCTION is no longer an ASE reserved word. It can be used as object names.
314862 Internal Development: Sanitized Desc. not required.
314887 During the recovery phase of the LOAD TRAN command an "infected with 11" error may be hit resulting in the session being terminated. The stack trace in the error log will report modules 'th_fill_freespaceinfo', 'th__oam_extent_count' and 'pg_oam_extent_count'.
314946 When conversion errors occur during implicit conversions from unichar to char data types, error 2402 was not being raised.
314992 Support for SQLX standards in ASE 12.5.1 XML engine.
315026 The error 7602, "There is no such audit option", will be raised by the procedure sp_audit when trying to set up ha_role auditing.
315040 dbcc checkdb( < dbid > ) when run on a database during failover may result in Error: 12324, Severity: 21, State 1.
315072 A 1265 error may be raised following error 540 if the SQL batch being executed contained a DELETE prior to the current statement.
315098 A 266 error, "Transaction count after EXECUTE indicates that a COMMIT or ROLLBACK TRAN is missing." will occur when executing a stored procedure in CHAINED transaction mode that contains RETURN < value > statement.
315116 With the HA agent scripts provided with ASE ESD#1 for SunCluster3.0, creation of the ASE resource (of type SY.ase) fails.
315182 The source text of compiled objects such as views, stored procedures, etc which is stored in the system table syscomments when they are created, may contain rows with less that 255 characters of text when those objects contain statements using "SELECT * FROM ...".
315292 If the stored procedure, sp_procxmode, is executed without a value for the parameter @tranmode (i.e. sp_procxmode proc1) and then executed again with a value for @tranmode (i.e. sp_procxmode proc1, "chained"), the following error message is generated: Msg 7981, Level 16, State 1: Procedure 'sp_procxmode', Line 93: The new transaction mode must be unchained, chained or anymode.
315335 Create a db through Sybase Central Java version, the size of database field got reset to 0 when go over 9999MB.
315557 sp_dbcc_evaluatedb can underestimate the size of the text scan workspace if a database contains a TEXT column. This fix is made available in a new version of sp_dbcc_evaluatedb by the re-execution of the installdbccdb script.
315756 DBCC CHECKSTORAGE may report a 100016 fault (page allocated but not linked) after a parallel sort is used to create a placement index on an unpartitioned table.
315897 When server is configured with a multi-byte character set, select object_id(' ') stack traces and the connection is terminated.
315966 A 913 error, "Could not find row in sysdatabases with database id ... Run DBCC CHECKTABLE on sysdatabases" followed by a 225 error "Cannot run query--referenced object (name NAME NOT RECOVERABLE) dropped during query optimization" may be reported when executing a SQLJ function from a recently loaded database.
316100 A 7745 error, "Attempting to add a new identity field to a table ' < table name > ', via select into, which would have a field ' < fieldname > ' that inherits the identity property.", could be raised during a SELECT INTO. The error is correct but previously created temporary tables are lost.
316101 The message "current process infected with 11" in the module 'xls_sessionid' or 'xact_getxactkey' together with a stack trace that includes the module 'sysxacts__fmtrow_from_xdes' may be reported in the error log when selecting from the table systransactions.
316121 Internal SQL usage can cause stack overflow and/or stack guardword corruption in ASE 12.0 and subsequent versions up to and excluding 12.5.1.
316146 This bugfix augment functionality of newid() builtin provided in a) newid(), newid(0) will return GUID as VARCHAR with no dashes b) newid(1) will return GUID as VARCHAR with dashes c) newid(0x0) will return GUID as VARBINARY (any varbinary as argument will return GUID as VARBINARY). d) newid() builtin in select statement or used as default will generate new values for every row that is selected or inserted (in case of defaults)in the statement. TRACEFLAG 395 will disable this behavior. The following example will explain this new behavior. create table T1 (c1 varbinary(16) default newid(0x0), c2 varchar(30) null, constraint pkey primary key (c1)) go insert T1 (c2) select name from sysobjects go --- The above example there will new value generate for every row in sysobjects
316198 Because of a memory leak, queries that send Java objects to non-Java capable clients (such as ISQL) could fail with an java.lang.OutOfMemory Java exception. This exception originates from "java.lang.String. < init > ("
316203 Improve DDLGen performance by improving processing of object permissions checks.
316222 Changes are added to increase the performance of a temporary table drop. When not in DDL-IN-TRAN mode, the locks held on system catalogs are released before the post commit work itself is done. This is implemented under the 3706 command line trace flag.
316247 An XAER_PROTO status may be returned by XA commands like xa_end() or xa_commit(ONE-PHASE) if a resource error (such as an "out of locks" error) occurs during detach processing. Further attempts to attach to the transaction (for example by xa_rollback()) will then fail until Adaptive Server or the Transaction Manager is recycled.
316285 A 103 error, "The identifier that starts with ' < identifier name > ' is too long. Maximum length is 30", is sometimes raised when using long variable names.
316300 The DDLGen utility does not interpret object names containing the underscore ('_') or caret ('^') characters correctly.
316357 The Historical Server will terminate immediately if it receives an empty command string.
316426 When booting the server for the purpose of rewriting the master database, if the user supplies command line arguments -w master, -b, and -f, but NOT -z, the server encounters an arithmetic exception (divide-by-zero). It shuts down without rewriting the master database.
316439 The backup server definition in the snmpagent.cfg file had a typo (locahost instead of localhost).
316483 In a highly parallel environment, clients to ASE may temporarily encounter a high degree of latency when a large number of clients abnormally disconnect.
316519 User does not need to configure the browser for the HTML help pages. ASEP will do that internally.
316550 The message "current process infected with 11" in the module 's__altertab' may be reported in the error log if the command ALTER TABLE ADD CONSTRAINT PRIMARY KEY uses paralelism to create the index, and it fails due to any kind of error.
316587 Remove the recommendation to offline engines from sp_sysmon.
316655 Running checkstorage on Linux ASE 12.5.0.x results in numerous sddone errors being reported in the errorlog if the database being checked resides on raw devices/partitions. Problem does not exists for filesystem devices.
316726 Internal Development: Sanitized Desc. not required.
316744 ASE CPU utilization may go to 100% when "enable housekeeper GC" is turned on and databases contain old open transactions.
316861 Historical Server stops monitoring when MS or ASE gets restarted. It should be able to detect that the servers go back up and carry on monitoring.
316942 Allow use of parallel query under Small Business Edition license option.
316975 When "stringsize" is set to a value greater than 255, and a query returns a NULL Java object, the client process hangs, and has to be killed.
317105 The NT sybatch.exe prints the progress tasks to the standard output.
317108 In rare circumstances on a multi-engine server, an undetected deadlock may occur when running 'sp_object_stats' while there are a lot of concurrent table drops.
317137 Internal Development: Sanitized Desc. not required.
317214 Monitor Server may hang when events are lost on multi engine systems.
317262 The error 10364 has been modified not to include english hardcoded 'or' clauses.
317296 The message "process infected with 11" in the module 'bufunkeep' may be reported in the error log together with a stack trace that includes the modules 'apl_getnext_level0', 'level0__findrow', level0__getnextrow' and 'level0_restart' during a CURSOR FETCH at isolation level 0 (read uncommited).
317305 Native XML handling capabilities implementation in ASE 12.5.1. This includes support for XPATH subset of XQUERY, support for XML transformation using 'FOR XML', XML mapping and number of other performance improvements.
317405 If during a cursor FETCH a severe error such as runtime conversion error (overflow, divide by zero, format error, etc.) OR subquery error like 512 OR a deadlock is hit, then a subsequent cursor FETCH may fail with error 803 resulting in the session being killed with a stack trace reported in the error log showing modules 'curs_fetch' and 'bufkeep'. With this fix, the default behaviour is to end the cursor scan. However, if Adaptive Server is started with the 589 trace flag, then the cursor is implicitly closed instead.
317437 Creating a placement index on a large data-only locked table with allow-dup-row option may cause corruption if there are a lot of duplicate keys. DBCC CHECKTABLE may report 9999 or 12905 errors.
317553 The commands CREATE INDEX and DROP INDEX are not audited.
317577 bcp of text or image data into proxy tables mapped to DirectConnect for Oracle fails to insert data.
317596 Checkalloc shows performance regression in due to inefficient large I/Os. sp_monitorconfig does not accurately display the details for the 'number of large i/o buffers' config parameter.
317659 When server's default character set is GB18030, the "--" comment style in stored procedures does not work.
317910 Internal Development: Sanitized Desc. not required.
317912 CIS: Inserting a date value into Oracle database via DCO12.5 may result in error ORA-01855 in non-US NLS environments.
318085 Max_used value when executing sp_monitorconfig on "number of large i/o buffers" returns wrong value in as compared to
318165 User can access Monitor GUI from Java ASE Plugin. This only works for Windows platform. Go to server properties - > Monitor Server tab. Choose the monitor server name and select Display monitor folder.
318381 DBCC CHECKTABLE on an empty DOL table results in an incorrect empty page count.
318561 Execution of SQL with lock table as the first statement of a chained transaction gives error message 12104. With this fix, in addition to DELETE, INSERT, OPEN, FETCH, SELECT and UPDATE, LOCKTAB can now be used in chained transaction mode to start a new transaction.
318594 Unhelpfull error message, when trying to create a rec. session from user without sa privileges
318638 Ignore the setting of traceflag 289 if proxy tables are involved in the query.
318732 New feature to support automatic database expansion for segments and devices. New install script, installdbextend, provided as part of SYBASE release that provides generic threshold procedures which perform automatic expansion at run-time.
318734 On Linux, if a dump is made with the compress option, the dump archive cannot be greater than 2GB. The problem is fixed by providing large file support in the compress module.
318782 CIS: Execution of a SELECT statement from a proxy table which was created using the CREATE PROXY_TABLE syntax on a multibyte character set server causes error 208.
318820 Internal Development: Sanitized Desc. not required.
318893 In rare circumstances ASE can return incorrect results when a division is done using 2 numeric whereby the divisor is very large.
318896 In certain circumstances, SELECT INTO can create a numeric column with precision greater than the maximum allowed by the server.
319016 Killing a process, parent or child, involved in parallel query execution might in certain cases cause a stack trace in the parent process.
319091 A select statement from a proxy table mapped to an Oracle RPC fails to return any rows when a smalldatetime column is used in the where clause.
319207 Shared memory dump feature does not work for timeslice errors on Sun Solaris.
319219 During DUMP DATABASE or DUMP TRANSACTION of a database with the "trunc log on chkpt" option set, checkpoint process bypasses the database entirely instead of checkpointing the database. If a database dump takes one hour, the target database will go one hour without an automatic checkpoint, despite any activity during that time.
319284 When multiple BCP sessions append data in "fast" mode to the same slice of a data-only locked partitioned table, if one session aborts, then the subsequent creation of a placement index with the SORTED_DATA option may not be done correctly. Consequently, queries that use this index may not always return correct results.
319297 sp_sysmon reports inaccurate spinlock contention values showing greater than 100% spinlock contention at times.
319327 On the diagnostic server ("diagserver") on 64 bit systems, executing queries that perform Java operations could cause the following error to be printed on the errorlog: "Assertion failed: 'sizeof( VMMethod ) == sizeof( VMMember ) + 19*sizeof( VMword )' in /remote/pea_bld1/main/porttree/svr/sql/generic/jvmsource/p/vmclass.p:811"
319374 Null extended row may not be returned, if OR condition is specified for an index column in the inner table of an outer join and 3 or more tables are involved.
319389 A sub-optimal query plan may be generated for queries using MAX() or MIN() together with WHERE clauses that involve OR clauses.
319395 Adding more detailed information to some of the generic errors returned
319403 sp_sysmon reports incorrect values for 'Max ULC Size During Sample' and a few other rep agent related high water mark values.
319451 A 3474 error may be reported on a sysindexes page after loading a transaction log which was dumped after the reboot following a change to the default character set or default sort order.
319452 The message, "current process ... infected with 11" together with a stack trace that includes the functions 'lwp_create()' and 'sqt__copy_chunks()' may be seen in the errorlog when a Dynamic SQL application is running against an ASE server that is using a multi-byte character set.
319472 The message "timeslice - < value > , current process infected" in the module 'des__clean' or 'des__unlink' together with a stack trace that includes the module 'sqt_free' may be reported in the error log when ASE is cleaning the Light Weight Procedure objects of a session. This error results in ASE shutting down.
319501 Query having a subquery and selecting from a view which also has some subqueries may sometimes return incorrect results. When executed with the SHOWPLAN option ON, the output shows that multiple subqueries have the same subquery number.
319502 Historical Server crashes when creating a recording session
319523 Excessive network traffic can be seen in ASE 12.5 for queries selecting a lot of columns. With the introduction of wide columns in ASE 12.5, a new TDS packet "TDS_ROWFMT2" was introduced to accomodate the increased length in the data rows. There are additional meta data in "TDS_ROWFMT2" which lead to the increased network traffic. Performance improvements were made to cache the meta data, as well as providing an option to disable the transfer of the new meta data in "TDS_ROWFMT2" via -T7705 traceflag.
319600 If the dbcc_exclusions table exists when the installdbccdb script is run, the dbcc_exclusions table will be dropped.
319605 Under some circumstances an UPDATE STATISTICS command on a proxy table might fail with a series of errors including 103, 102, and 105.
319890 The message "process infected with 11" may be reported in the errorlog together with a stacktrace which includes the modules 'res_find', 'resgotos' and 'sqlpars' if a CREATE PROCEDURE is executed with a very large number of parameters, local variables and goto labels.
319980 The performance of BCP in "fast mode" (partial logging) is poor when the target table has a TEXT or IMAGE column.
320007 In rare circumstances, DBCC CHECKDB will report 2540, 2546, 7940 or 7949 errors after a BCP "in" operation has been aborted and the target table is data-only locked and has at least one index.
320027 Currently all stored procedures referencing a table changed by ALTER TABLE MODIFY < column > or ALTER TABLE DROP < column > will be renormalized. Under some conditions renormalization may not be sufficent. Command line trace flag -T7706 should be used to force automatic regneration of stored procedures from syscomments text instead of simple renormalization.
320076 The execution of DBCC TEXTALLOC("all") will mistakenly raise error 2501 "Table named all not found; check sysobjects".
320178 When the configuration parameter 'number of pre-allocated extents' is set to zero, or ASE has been started with -T1101 to disable large page allocation, a BCP "in" operation may terminate with a stacktrace; modules 'bulk_main', 'bulk__fast_dol_update_lastpage' may be seen in the errorlog.
320289 In a symmetric HA configuration, if a failover property enabled connection is terminated due database shutdown, a ha operation, the connection will be able to reconnect once the failover/failback is complete.
320354 Update statistics on a proxy table mapped to a directory returns a syntax error (Msg 11204).
320377 The rows for attributes 'default cluster ID' and 'current cluster ID' are not inserted into sysattributes table, instead the rows for the definition of those attributes are modified. That leads to the corruption of the sysattributes table.
320498 Queries like SELECT < expression1 > , < CASE expression2 > FROM ... WHERE GROUP BY < expression1 > , < CASE expression2 > may sometimes return duplicate rows if expression2 contains expression1.
320697 The Monitor Server did not support client applications using encrypted passwords.
320734 Fixes rare database corruption problems such as 694 or 692 errors seen during the load of a and above database on NT.
320745 In rare circumstances, recovery may report a 2622, or 12546 during a server restart following a crash or a SHUTDOWN WITH NOWAIT when the configuration option 'housekeeper free write percent' was non-zero.
320774 Upon successful server configuration, sybatch.exe exits with 134 instead of 0.
320868 A recovery error (such as a 624 error) may be reported during server startup or DBCC CHECKSTORAGE may report 100004 errors after server startup on a user-created temporary database.
320893 Directories and files mapped to proxy tables now have a file path limit of 255 bytes. Attempting to open a file with the fully qualified name greater than 255 bytes will fail with a file name too long error.
320913 When configuring for SunCluster3.0 cluster, "sp_companion < secondary_server > , configure" command fails to set the ASE resource property 'Secondary_companion_name' and doesn't report the error.
320937 When an invalid configuration group is found in the configuration file, during boot, ASE prints a message and continues to boot. Prior to this fix, ASE failed the boot.
320945 Enable implicit conversions between unichar/univarchar and datetime/smalldatetime.
320965 At recovery, attempt to recreate a temporary database when it's devices were not active could result in failures while attempting disk i/o. A database should not be recovered if it's devices are not available.
320994 The command DBCC PRINTOLOG always uses the maximum length of the parameter instead of using the actual length.
321022 The database options for database properties will be retrieved from stored procedure - sp_dboption.
321026 The drop of a java function doesn't correctly cleanup the Syscolumns table, resulting in 2513 error from 'dbcc checkcatalog'.
321096 If a slice table has a empty slice with an empty first page other than the first page of the table, dbcc checktable will falsely report 2586 error.
321193 When configuring ASE for the Sybase High Availability, no error message is displayed if a cluster or Operating System command fails.
321204 Concurrent inserts in a Data Only Locked table while its index is undergoing split may result in a 644 error when deleting these data rows; the inserted row ends up in the wrong side of the split position and causes the scanner not to find the index row for the associated data row (644 error).
321256 Sometimes Historical Server will receive an invalid database id from the Monitor Server causing it to report an error and fail.
321261 CIS: A 2762 error, "command not allowed within multiple statement transaction" may be reported when executing a SQL INSERT..SELECT from proxy table mapped to a RPC.
321452 Internal SQL usage can cause stack overflow and/or stack guardword corruption in ASE 12.0 and subsequent versions up to and excluding 12.5.1.
321618 When ASE encounters a TLI status of TSYSERR returned from the operating system, only the message 'System Error' appears in the error log. For a full diagnosis of TSYSERR, the current value of the global error 'errno' should also be printed.
321744 If a table has both column level and table level check constraints then only column level check constraints are generated and table level check constraints are not generated. This problem is seen in command line version of DDLGen, Migration Tool and DDLGen functionality of Sybase Central ASE Plug-in.
321862 If the 'number of sort buffers' parameter is configured to a very large value, parallel create index may encounter a time slice error.
321876 The 2843 error message, "The dynamic statement ' < name > ' could not be found. This may be due to insufficient metadata descriptors for the number of tables and procedures in use by Adaptive Server. Configure the serverwide 'number of open objects' parameter to accommodate more objects." incorrectly omitted increasing the 'procedure cache size' configuration parameter as a possible solution to the error.
322006 Add new definitions for new rows added to master.dbo.sysattributes describing policies of expansion for segments and devices. These rows are inserted and used by sp_dbextend family of procedures that are provided as part of installdbextend script to support automatic database expansion.
322218 If the reconfiguration of the 'number of open databases' fails with error 5861, then despite increasing the 'max memory' configuration parameter to the value suggested by the error message itself, a subsequent attempt to reconfigure the 'number of open databases' may fail again.
322226 During upgrade to 12.0 or beyond, ASE exposes and initializes a previously hidden column, syskeys.spare1. Rarely, initializing this field may encounter duplicate rows, causing upgrade to fail in the affected database.
322335 Attempts to drop a locked account using sp_droplogin will fail.
322369 server may hang when installing script 'installhasvss' more than once.
323043 Under rare circumstances, on multi-engined ASE Servers under heavy load, sp_monitorconfig can report "Max_Used" quanties that exceed their configured value.
323047 Under rare circumstances, on multi-engined ASE Servers under heavy load, sp_monitorconfig can report "Max_Used" quanties that exceed their configured value.
323049 Under rare circumstances, on multi-engined ASE Servers under heavy load, sp_monitorconfig can report "Max_Used" quanties that exceed their configured value.
323052 Under rare circumstances, on multi-engined ASE Servers under heavy load, sp_monitorconfig can report "Max_Used" quanties that exceed their configured value.
323088 CIS: After ASE version, some SQL statements with JOIN of two proxy tables are not passed to remote ASIQ server, which causes some performance regression
323118 In all the custom configure server panels in the installer, changing the server name doesn't change the server error log file name.
323168 Under heavy load, when the JAVA VM hits PANIC mode, it leaves the VM in an inconsistent state
323177 The configuration parameter 'cis connect timeout' was never implemented and has been removed.
323303 When any version of ASE is running on IBM AIX 4.3.3 with ML11 patch and a DNS entry is used in the interfaces file, ASE encounters "infected with 11" stacktrace or "kernel ninit: cannot find host" error and fails to boot. This is due to a bug in IBM AIX 4.3.3 ML11 patch. To fix this problem, install IBM AIX 4.3.3 patches and bos.rte.libc. The problem als exists on AIX 5.1 (fixed by bos.rte.libc and AIX 5.2 (fixed by bos.rte.libc also.
323328 ASE running on Linux will not start up if the limit of file descriptors per process is set to a number greater than 1024.
323444 The maximum column length of sysprocesses.tran_name is 64 bytes. However, some rows may return upto 3 bytes more for this column causing exceptions in the client.
323636 Server will not boot if Server Default Data Cache's name is not correctly set to 'default data cache' in the server config file.
323644 Queries containing DISTINCT, ORDER BY, GROUP BY or UNION or queries whose execution involves reformatting or sort merge join strategies may get a 511 error when processing wide rows from tables with datarows lock scheme: Msg 511, Level 16, State 1: "Attempt to update or insert row failed because resultant row of size nnnn bytes is larger than the maximum size (mmmm) bytes allowed for this table."
323985 In the following case: o A view references a Java type that is either system or cross database defined. o The view is sourced in a SELECT INTO statement. This incorrectly generate recompilations. In the case of a batch, this will produce a 225 error.
324260 sybatch.exe can't configure the Backup and Monitor servers if the hostname contain a dash.
324472 'CPU Yields by Engine' in sp_sysmon doesn't always keep count of individual engine yields (usually manifests as constantly 0 yields for engine 0 even though the engine is yielding).
324500 On 64-bit installation, the $SYBASE/OCS-12_5/lib3p64 directory is not set in the load library path.
324567 In the installer, when user clicks next in the Configure New Adaptive Server panel and the master or sysproc device already exist, an Yes/No dialog will popup and prompts user to delete it. If user chooses Yes, a "NullPointerException" will occur.
324573 Running a query in parallel that uses one of the builtin's day(), month(), year(), left(), str_replace(), square(), audit_event_name(), derived_stat(), getdllname(), get_xtypeid(), get_xtypename(), identity_burn_max(), index_colorder(), internal_encrypt(), is_sec_service_on(), lockscheme(), newid(), next_identity(), pagesize(), show_translation(), syscol_name() may cause internal memory corruption, resulting in the message "current process infected with 11 in different functions, incorrect results or errors like 2511. The diagserver will print an Assertion message in the errorlog together with a stack trace which includes the modules get_eval_param_type() and copy__eval()
324847 Passwords from Solaris 32-bit/64-bit can be migrated to Linux using BCP or other data migration tools and used as such. Traceflag 1650 will turn on the compatibility mode. This compatibility mode is available only on Linux platform and only passwords from Solaris 32-bit/64-bit can be migrated.
324962 On some platforms, the following messages may be seen at startup: "kernel ncheck_quit: no pid associated with < fd > , vsn = 32, socket type = 2" and "kernel ncheck_checkconn: Unable to identify thread for < fd > ".
325155 The Configure ASE panel doesn't recognize raw partition.
325158 When running the installer in console mode, the servers are selected in Custom Configure New Servers panel by default.
325414 The maximum number of ANDs or ORs in an expression level has been increased from 300 to 1024. As a result, the maximum number of values in an IN-list has also been increased from 301 to 1025. The ASE configuration value, "stack size" will have to be increased beyond the default value to avoid error 3626 when more than 300 AND/ORs are used in a query.
325482 The ASE Replicator folder is only displayed if the ASE Replicator is installed in the ASE. The ASEPlugin uses the stored procedure sp_helpddb to determine the name of the Replicator's distribution database. If the stored procedure is not installed, then the plugin will not display the ASE Replicator folder.
325488 In console installation, the installer prompt user for the XP server name. The XP server name always in " < ASE server name > _XP" format. User shouldn't allow to change it.
325627 A 804 error, "Unable to find buffer ' < value > ' from cache ' < value > ' holding logical page ' < value > ' in sdes ' < value > ' kept buffer pool for object ' < value > '." together with a stack trace which includes the modules 'update_statistics', 'sam__get_dol_pages' and 'bufunkeep' may be reported in the error log when an UPDATE STATISTICS WITH SAMPLING command is run on a Data Only Locked table that has forwarded rows.
325727 CIS: selecting from proxy table with unichar or univarchar column mapped onto a remote server with char or varchar column may result in 'cs_convert: cslib user api layer: common library error' on UTF8 servers.
325729 The procedure cache may be subjected to replacement in some cases even if free memory is available on other engines. This may have an adverse impact in performance.
325766 Dynamically increasing the "number of devices" using sp_configure, without actually making use of them, may potentially cause the thread to terminate with segmentation violation, under 1) If you bring an engine online 2) If you try to do a failover(dbcc takeover)
326039 ASE on the windows NT platform performs socket reset on shutdown.
326050 User 'guest'is always created when a new temporary database is created even when the option for creating 'guest' user is not selected in Sybase Central ASE Plug-in. The solution is not to present an option of creating 'guest' user in Temporary Database Creation Wizard as 'guest' user is always created with temporary database.
326076 In some cases when a very large buffer pool is configured we will see the pool configuration failing even when there is sufficient memory.
326091 Session-specific SET options 'proc_return_status' and 'proc_output_params' added to turn OFF sending back a stored procedure's return status and/or its output parameters back to the front-end client. These options are ON by default.
326289 New generic stored procedures added to installmaster. sp_autoformat is a generic procedure that can output a result set from a table auto-formatting character data. sp_exec_SQL is a wrapper procedure to execute a SQL statement via 'execute immediate' and handle errors in a single place.
326419 CT LIB header files are missing in the Sun Solaris 64 installer.
326423 The message "current process infected with signal 11" may be reported in the error log with a stack trace that includes the modules 'dol_qualrow' and 'dol__get_lock' when concurrent DML commands are run on a DATA PAGE locked table. Alternatively, this may manifest as a timeslice error or "infected with signal 11" messages with different stack traces.
326602 The maxinmum number of user connections is 5 when running under the Developer Licensde Option.
326908 The composition of the XML Management package has been changed with this release. The new definition is contained in the file $SYBASE/SYBASE-1_0/licenses/sybpkg.dat. Any customer upgrading from or later, who has purchased the XML Management package should compare the definition in sybpkg.dat with the one in license.dat to make sure that they have the definition that includes the ASE_XML option.
326925 Certain minor changes are needed in databases migrating from ASE version to version 12.5.1. However, a database dumped in and loaded to 12.5.1 will not be upgraded automatically by "online database", even though it should.
327064 Client requests to the Monitor Server can experience long delays on very busy systems
327575 When 16K pagesize is used on Linux, SGI or NT386 platforms running ASE ESD#2 or ESD#3, dbcc checkstorage results in 702 Error "Memory request for 16896 bytes exceeds the size of single page of 16384 bytes".
327829 With some search conditions, a OR query against unichar and univarchar columns may return wrong results.
328014 Queries that cause recursive execution of multiple levels of triggers can get a stack overflow error with susequent server crash. The stack trace will contain multiple instances of the function, exectrig.
328356 A process infected with 11 error in ct_tds_senddata can occur while running the Migration Tool when the remote server runs out of user connections.
328689 Correct the two dsparser errors: If content of the interface entry is separated by tab, then the entry is not read. Another one: If the end of line is a new line, then NullPointerException.
329033 Java/XML samples directory has been renamed to JavaSqlXml to better reflect the kind of sample program it contains.
329088 Migration setup fails due to unique index violation error on sysusers.
329181 Upgrade (to 12.5.1) process hangs while trying to upgrade a database that is enabled for 'async log service'.
329242 CIS: In rare circumstances, sp_showplan may be infected with signal 10 or 11 and core dumps, or causes ASE to hang in a CIS environment.
329424 fix makefiles for 12.5.1 MCL sample programs
329635 ASE does not start as a service on the Windows 2003 operating system. Attempts to start the service result in the message 'the service terminated unexpectedly'


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