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To create a program shortcut, you need to create a file with a .lnk extension. The following steps demonstrate the procedure.

  1. Within a PC environment, such as Windows, create a file with an editor like Notepad and call it ShortCutTest.lnk.

  2. Place the entire command line in the first line of the file, including the .exe file. You must use quotation marks if it resides in a directory with spaces, such as ?\Program Files.?

  3. Count the number of characters in the command line, including spaces and quotes, to get the length of the string.

  4. In the .lnk file, the format for the line is

    	<length of string>#<command line>

  5. Save the file and copy it to the "\Windows\Start Menu" directory on the Windows CE or Pocket PC device. This places the shortcut at the top level of the Start Menu.


Here is an example of the above steps:

  1. Run: notepad c:\ShortCutTest.lnk

  2. Add the following statement to the first line of the .lnk file:

    	77#"\Program Files\Sybase\ASA\dbsrv8.exe" "\Program Files\Sybase\ASA\asademo.db"
    Note: There are 77 characters in the command to be executed.

  3. Save the file to "\Windows\Start Menu".

  4. On the Windows CE or Pocket PC device, tap the Start button to see the shortcut that was created. The name of the shortcut is the same as the name of the .lnk file, minus the extension.

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