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This FAQ. details the actions required for manually deleting mapping templates from the eBiz2000 data directory.
1)      Chose the template you wish to remove and Right Click on the template name, when the menu appears chose ?properties?.

2)      Write down the Unique ?Id:
3)      ?Read the file path to find where the physical template will be found.
4)      Click ?OK? on the mapping name ?properties?
5)      Right Click on the template name, and select delete, if the template is not in use it will get deleted. Then hit the ?Commit? button.
6)      With ?File Explorer?, navigate to the File Path (2), then select an delete the file which has the name as in (3) and an extension ?.mst?.
We would strongly advise that you actually rename the ?Id:? unique name to the name that appeared in the Mappings Folder in the console, and copy it out of the File Path (2) to another place. (As it can be imported again at a later date).

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