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The following steps are needed to migrate from earlier versions of  eBiz 2000 to the current release of 3.4.1. Please follow all steps exactly to have a successful migration.

Basic installation instructions

1.Back up ALL the files under the eBiz 2000 installation directory on the current system.
2.Back up any other directories that contain VB/VC++ source code for clients, DataStream's, etc. if they are not under the eBiz 2000 directory structure.
3.Uninstall the old version of eBiz 2000.
4.Remove any directory structure or files remaining from the prior installation.
5.Reboot your system.
6.Put the installation CD in your system. The autorun should start. If for some reason it does not start after 15-30 seconds then browse  the disk and run the setup program in the 'e-Biz 2000 v3.4.1' directory. Some systems have autorun disabled so don't be alarmed if the install does not start.
7.Follow the instructions for installation of the eBiz 2000 product.
8.After the installation is completed reboot your system.
9.Launch the eBiz 2000 Console and verify that your system is up and running.
10.Stop all eBiz 2000 services and close the console.
11.Rename ebiz.xml in the Data directory to ebiz.xml.original so that you will always have a copy of a blank configuration file.
12.Copy the contents of the old eBiz 2000 Data directory into the new eBiz 2000 Data directory.
13.If your system name has changed from the pervious install you will need to manually edit the old ebiz.xml file after you copy it into the Data directory.
14.Restart the eBiz 2000 services.
15.Launch the eBiz 2000 Console and verify that your ebiz.xml file in correct.
16.For each client:
        a.Open the properties for the client by right-clicking it.
        b.Re-type the password for the client. Do this only if you have passwords on your clients.
        c.Modify the comment field. It doesn't matter what changes. This is done to guarantee that the 'apply' button is enable. 
           If you changed the password it should already be enabled.
        d.Press the 'Apply' button and then the 'Ok' button.
        e.Repeat for all clients
17.Browse the queues and journals for each client to verify that they are available.

 Client and Map instructions

 Because of the legal name change required by a Texas court the 4-letter acronym that was associated with New Era of Networks, Inc. cannot no longer be used. The new acronym is NNSY. Anywhere the old acronym was used has been replaced with the new one. What this requires of our customers is that all VB/VC++ source code will need to be recompiled and linked with the new references/name changes before they will function. No other changes are necessary.
1.Datamapper library name was changed. All references in your clients, Datastreams, etc. will need to access the new library.
2.The Datamapper object name was changed to NnsyMapper. The reference for this is in the NnsyDataMapper 1.0 Type Library.

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