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Bi-directional Heterogeneous Replication

With the prevalence of heterogeneous database environments, many organizations require two-way replication between multi-vendor sources and targets. They need a one-stop end-to-end solution for bi-directional replication.

Sybase Replication Server Options for Heterogeneous Replication enhances the functionality of Replication Server by allowing bi-directional replication to and from Oracle, MS SQL Server, DB2 UDB (for Unix and NT) and Informix. This gives organizations the flexibility to move data around the enterprise between non-Sybase and Sybase databases.

The options include a replication agent that captures database changes from a particular source database and the Direct Connect delivers the data to the corresponding target database.

The available Options are:

For organizations that need to move data between disparate types databases, multiple Replication Server options may be used. Replication Server can translate the data as it is replicated between different databases. By defining the content and format of datatypes that are unique to a heterogeneous environment, Replication Server moves data from one heterogeneous data source to another. For example, Replication Server can replicate a DB2 date column to an Informix date column.

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