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Replication and Security

As businesses move towards e-commerce and more importantly e-business over the wide area network, there is a requirement to secure the data flowing over the wire to protect the business.

All WAN transaction systems must guarantee a safe and secure environment. In this regard, all communication to and from the database server as well as communications between servers must be secure. These security systems will prevent unauthorized access of confidential customer data that is of great strategic value to most online businesses.

Replication Server addresses this need through the new Advanced Security Option that supports SSL encryption of data passing between servers.

The Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol is the industry standard protocol that is used over the Internet that offers integrity checking, digital certificates to identify users and encryption mechanisms to protect data from unauthorized users. Industry standard X.509 v3 digital certificates are supported in Replication Server Advanced Security Option and client communication. The security provided by SSL complements the PKI-based security through server and client authentication, encryption of network data and integrity checking. The capabilities that Replication Server provides in this area include:

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