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The following document describes how to install and run the UltraLite Customer Demonstration (CustDB) sample on a CASSIOPEIA handheld.

CustDB is a sample included in SQLAnywhere 8.0 and can be found in \Program Files\Sybase\SQL Anywhere 8\Samples\UltraLite\CustDB.

Note: Th is sample was compiled with Microsoft eMbedded Visual C++ 3.0.  The source code can be found in the SQL Anywhere 8.0 CD.  For information about downloading an evaluation copy of SQL Anywhere Studio, please follow this link.

Install Instructions

  1. Download and unzip the file custdb.cabs.zip to your PC.  This ZIP file contains two CABs:
  • custdb.mips.cab for MIPS-based processors (EG-800, IT-70, E-125, etc.)
  • custdb.arm.cab for StrongARM-based processors (E-200, etc.)

Use the appropriate CAB file, depending on the type of device you have.

  1. Transfer the CAB file from your PC to a temporary folder in your Casio device.
  2. In your Casio device, use File Explorer to browse to the temporary folder.
    You will see the CAB file that installs the CustDB sample.
  3. Tap on the filename (custdb.mips or custdb.arm) to install the sample.

Running the Demo

From the main menu, select "UltraLite CustDB", you will see the CustDB main dialog.


Synchronizing the Application (Optional)

To synchronize the application, you will need to start the MobiLink Server Sample that is installed with SQL Anywhere. You will also need to recompile the source code because you must change the default host name (localhost) to the host name of the machine running the MobiLink Server.

If MobiLink is running on the same machine that connects to your Casio device, then you do not need to recompile the source code.

Uninstalling the Application

To remove the UltraLite CustDB sample:

  1. Open the Remove Programs utility (Start | Settings | System tab).
  2. Select "iAnywhere Solutions UltraLite CustDB".
  3. Tap on the Remove button.

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