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SybaseŽ Data Integration: Analyzing Your Options

A Sybase White Paper

?The need for data integration solutions is?growing rapidly, driven primarily by e-business and portal requirements.?

Emerging Internet Data Integration Solutions Mike Gilpin, Giga Information Group


This white paper includes a high-level discussion of the various options for heterogeneous data integration, followed by a more detailed analysis of each option?s pros and cons. The paper focuses on client-server approaches but also touches on options available within Sybase?s e-Business platform. Sybase provides a powerful variety of solutions for access to non-Sybase databases including IBM?s DB2 UDB family, Microsoft?s SQL Server, Oracle, Informix and many data sources. The right solution may involve basic ODBC and JDBCTM drivers, Enterprise ConnectTM Data Access,Mainframe ConnectTM, or a combination of these, depending on your overall requirements. Read this paper to discover how each data access option works, the functionality it provides, and how to match the appropriate solution(s) with your own data access and data movement requirements.

Table of Contents

Sybase e-Business Platform
Sybase Client-Server Data Integration Middleware
Options for Leveraging Your Investment in Existing Databases
Two-Tier Data Access
A Word About ?Gatewayless?Mainframe Access
Multi-tiered Gateway Data Access (DirectConnect)
Transparent Data Access
Leveraging Stored Procedures
Functional Compensation
Data Movement ? Bulk and Replication
Additional Considerations
Mainframe Integration
Other Data Targets
Related Documents
Appendix A: JDBC/ODBC Drivers Alone vs. Enterprise Connect/Mainframe Connect



Many companies today continue to be challenged by the requirement to integrate data from multiple databases and platforms. Sometimes this data must be presented to clients in a classic client-server environment; other times it must be accessible through web browsers and an e-Business platform. In many cases the same data must be made easily available, with scalability and high performance, in both of these worlds.

In fact, the new paradigm is that all information systems and associated data should be accessible from both within an enterprise?s domain and externally, without fear of a security breach.

Very often IT is faced with a dual challenge: build new applications providing more effective information to end users, and couple the new information with existing back office and legacy data.

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