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Author: Greg Douglas
Sybase Internet Applications Div.

When EAServer is install as an NT service it places start up parameters in to the NT registry, such as, path, classpath, bootclasspath, etc. In most cases you will install EAServer as an NT Service. By default EAServer installs as a JDK 1.1 server. But to use J2EE you need to use JDK 1.2 .

In the Jaguar/bin directory there are several batch files that begin with severstart. Severstart.bat starts EAServer as a JDK1.1 server. The serverstart_jdk12.bat starts EAServer as a JDK 1.2 server. The bat file sets environment variables such as, JDK_LATEST, Classpath, Path, and Bootclasspath that get placed into the NT registry when the -install option is used. Look at the bat files to see what they do. To run the bat files go to a DOS prompt or Start | Run and use the follow syntax:

       serverstart_jdk12.bat ServiceName [-install|-remove|removeandinstall|-stop|-start]

Installing and removing a service adds or removes the NT Registry entries.

The registry location is:


            (Assuming the service name is at the default 'Jaguar' value).

Figure 1 Registry for Jaguar

Figure 2 Registry Jaguar /Parameter

As you can see, when EAServer starts as an NT service it gets its path and classpath set by the registry entry, NOT from the System or the bat file. This is important to note because if you having path or classpath issues you MUST change them in the registry or with the bat file.  The bat file method is the preferred way to change service parameters, but the service must be reinstall for it to take effect. Use the following command to do that:

serverstart_jdk12 Jaguar -removeandinstall

This will remove and reinstall the NT service with the new parameters as defined in the bat file. The NT Service does not use the serverstart*.bat files.  See JaguarCTS 3.6.1 Getting Started Chapter 1 for more info.

When using EAServer with the JDK 1.2 VM be sure to set the JDK tab in JagAdmin for the server to JDK 1.2. Or change the property in %JAGUAR%\Repository\Server\Jaguar.props



The key thing to remember about EAServer as an NT service is that the path and classpath are set in the registry. Changing System path and classpath will have no affect on the EAServer service. Use the bat files to remove and install changes to the registry.



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