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The attached file is a slide presentation on how to migrate to Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise 11.9.2 and 12.0. It was presented by Ian Annis of Sybase Professional Services at a UK User Group Masterclass in 2000. The presentation covers such topics as the rationale for migrating, migration planning methodology, a comparison of migration paths, and necessary pre- and post-upgrade tasks. To view, download the presentation  to a machine running PowerPoint.


This presentation assumes a version of SQL Server 10.x or later. If you are running a version of SQL Server older than that, please see the manual Migrating to Adaptive Server Enterprise for information on upgrading to ASE version 11.5.

For Migration Help

For help in planning and implementing a large-scale migration, you may wish to contact Sybase Professional Services. For technical problems, call Sybase Technical Support. All Sybase services can be reached by calling Customer Service in North America at 1-800-8-SYBASE, Sybase Technical Support in the UK at (01628) 597111, or your local Service Center or sales office.

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