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Sybase SQL Server/ASE Certification Report
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This webtool provides up-to-date certifications for existing releases of Sybase SQL Server, Adaptive Server Enterprise, and all SQL Servers. The reports are listed by supported OS version and/or operating environment, including platforms other than those they have been released for.

To generate a list by Operating System:

  • Select the platform vendor from the pulldown list on the left
  • Press Search

To generate a list using the special configuration criteria, such as those using RAID or VERITAS:

  • Select the configuration setup from the pulldown list on the right
  • Press Search

Click here to proceed to the Certification webtool.


Last Revised: Feb 23, 2005
Product: SQL Server, Adaptive Server Enterprise
Hardware Platform: OS/2, DG-UX, Win NT, IBM AIX, HPPA HP-UX, Sun4 SUNOS, Stratus XA/R, HP-UX PA-RISC, Digital Alpha NT, Sun Solaris SPARC, Intel SCO UnixWare, Sequent Series 2000, Intel SCO Open Server, Silicon Graphics IRIX, AT&T (NCR) System 3000
Technical Topics: Migration, Compatibility, Install/Upgrade
Business or Technical: Technical
Content Id: 1010821
Infotype: Partner Certification Report

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