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Customized Education Delivery Solutions 

Let Sybase Do the Traveling...You Focus on the Training!

Sybase Education is recognized worldwide for our quality Learning Center classes. Developed to provide real solutions for the challenges you face every day, these task-based courses get to the heart of Sybase technology and provide you with the technical know-how that you can apply to achieve effective results.

Sybase Onsite Training can be a cost effective solution for 5 or more students and extends this important training to your location. It covers the broad range of Sybase technology using the same product-focused courses that are available from our extensive Learning Center and SyberLearning LIVE course catalog, uses the same comprehensive courseware, and is delivered by the same Sybase certified-instructors.

Ideal for helping members of a project team get a complex project underway, or for training groups of employees, such as members of an IT department or new hires, Onsite Training offers the additional value of focusing the training specifically to the employees of one company. 

Onsite training is economical, convenient, and can accommodate any work schedule (including evenings, second and third shifts, and weekends)— without the time or expense of travel. All you need to provide is the training environment, the hardware, the software - and the students.

Customize Your Onsite Delivery 

An effective, economical, and flexible solution, Sybase Education Custom Onsite training extends the benefits of Onsite training to include:

  • Targeted courses or course modules for specific or additional learning, based on roles and responsibilities and level of knowledge (basics through advanced). Select from our full course listing of quality role-based training only what you need.
  • The ability to address specific real-world issues that pertain to your company’s unique environment 

Our curriculum fully supports Sybase’s leading-edge technology. Courses are designed, developed, and updated with firsthand information from Sybase product engineers and present you with the latest information available on Sybase solutions. 

If you are interested in our Custom Onsite Delivery Solution, call us at 1-800-8-SYBASE (1-800-879-2273) or contact an Education Consultant.


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