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Table of Contents
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How to Use This Book
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1. Introduction
What is JDBC?
What is jConnect?
2. Programming Information
Setting Up jConnect
Setting the jConnect Version
Invoking the jConnect Driver
Establishing a Connection
Setting Connection Properties
Connecting to Adaptive Server Enterprise
Connecting to Adaptive Server Anywhere
Connecting to a Server Using JNDI
Implementing Custom Socket Plug-Ins
SYBSOCKET_FACTORY Connection Property
Creating and Configuring an Custom Socket
Handling Internationalization and Localization
jConnect Character-Set Converters
Working with Databases
Performing Server-to-Server Remote Procedure Calls
Accessing Database Metadata
Using Cursors with Result Sets
Support for Batch Updates
Updating the Database from the Result Set of a Stored Procedure
Sending Image Data
Using Date and Time Datatypes
Implementing Advanced Features
Using Event Notification
Handling Error Messages
Storing Java Objects as Column Data in a Table
Handling Restrictions, Limitations, and Deviations from JDBC Standards
Making Adjustments for Multithreading
Using ResultSet.getCursorName( )
Using setLong( ) with Large Parameter Values
Using Compute Statements
Executing Stored Procedures
3. Troubleshooting
Debugging with jConnect
Obtaining an Instance of the Debug Class
Turning On Debugging in Your Application
Turning Off Debugging in Your Application
Setting the CLASSPATH for Debugging
Using the Debug Methods
Capturing TDS Communication
PROTOCOL_CAPTURE Connection Property
pause( ) and resume( ) Methods in the Capture Class
Unsuccessful Connection Errors
Gateway Connection Refused
Unable to Connect to a 4.9.2 SQL Server
Memory Usage in jConnect Applications
Stored Procedure Errors
RPC Returns Fewer Output Parameters Than Registered
Fetch/State Error When Stored Procedure Returns Output Params
Stored Procedure Executed in Unchained Transaction Mode
Custom Socket Implementation Error
4. Performance and Tuning
Improving jConnect Performance
BigDecimal Rescaling
REPEAT_READ Connection Property
Character-Set Conversion
Performance Tuning for Prepared Statements in Dynamic SQL
Choosing Between Prepared Statements and Stored Procedures
Prepared Statements in Portable Applications
Prepared Statements in Applications with jConnect Extensions
Connection.prepareStatement( )
DYNAMIC_PREPARE Connection Property
SybConnection.prepareStatement( )
Cursor Performance and the LANGUAGE_CURSOR Connection Property
LANGUAGE_CURSOR Connection Property
5. Migrating jConnect Applications
Migrating Applications to jConnect 4.1
Migrating Applications to jConnect 5.0
Sybase Extension Changes
Changed Method Names
Debug Class
6. Web Server Gateways
About Web Server Gateways
TDS Tunnelling
jConnect and Gateway Configuration
Using the Cascade Gateway
Installing the Cascade Gateway
Starting the Cascade Gateway
Testing the Cascade Gateway
Reading the index.html File
Running the Sample Isql Applet
Defining a Connection to the Cascade Gateway
Using the TDS-Tunnelling Servlet
TDS-tunnelling Servlet System Requirements
Installing the Servlet
Invoking the Servlet
Tracking Active TDS Sessions
Resuming a TDS Session
TDS Tunnelling and Netscape Enterprise Server 3.5.1 on Solaris
A. SQL Exception and Warning Messages
B. jConnect Utilities
Running IsqlApp
Using jisql
Starting jisql
Logging In To jisql
Using jisql
Using the Ribo Utility
Capturing Data
Translating Data
Using the Ribo GUI
Running jConnect Sample Programs and Code

Sybase(R) jConnect for JDBC(TM) Programmer's Reference - 29 Jan 1999
Copyright 1999 © Sybase, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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