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Sybase customers currently on a SupportNow Plan have a variety of support resources available.

If you are a Technical Support Contact, you have access to ALL the information resources listed in the Support navigation (see diagram below). In addition, you can log and manage your cases from this site, OR contact your local support center directory for assistance.

Sybase customers who are not currently on a SupportNow Plan and/or are not a Technical Support Contact have access to a variety of online resources.

If you are not a Technical Support Contact and/or are without a support plan, you still have access to several areas as listed below.

Purchasing Support

If you are interested in purchasing a SupportNow Plan, you have several options:

Guide to Support Site Navigation:

About Sybase Support Information on Support plans and policies, including "Support Plans", "How to Use this Web Site", "How Support Works", "Support Policies", "Support Center Holidays", and "Quality Practices."
Contact Support Support Center contact information and office hours
Technical Documents The latest support-related technical information, including tech notes, FAQ's, white papers, and more.
Product Manuals Online product- and platform-specific manuals available for download in multiple languages.
Newsgroups For fast and flexible idea exchange, newsgroups let you communicate with product engineers, TeamSybase, and other users about your specific issues.
Solved Cases Search the solved cases database for information on situations similar to yours, then put the solution to work for you.
Case Management Log new cases (technical and non-technical); attach pertinent files; update case information; check case progress; and view a list of cases at your convenience. You can also submit enhancement and certification requests.
EBFs/Maintenance Easily download software and quickly locate information regarding fixed bugs.


Consulting Services Information on Consulting Services
Education Services Information on Education Services

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