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Conversion of Some Greek and Turkish Characters


The source used by Sybase and other companies to create the conversion tables between two ISO character sets (ISO 8859-7 and ISO 8859-8) and Unicode UTF-8 contained several errors. As a result, you may see incorrect characters in your data. 

However, this bug will show up only if your data contains these few, infrequently used characters and if your client is using either ISO 8859-7 or ISO 8859-8. The error may also appear if you migrated your data from either ISO 8859-7 or ISO 8859-8 to Unicode UTF-8 because the same conversion tables would have been used in the migration. 

The following are the affected characters:

Affected Products

All versions of ASE, Developer?s Kit for Unicode (UDK), DirectConnect, and Sybase Character Sets


To correct this problem, you will need to manually correct errors in your existing data and upgrade your software with the corrected conversion tables provided here.

  • Download the Greek (ISO 8859-7) tables and copy them to the $SYBASE/charsets/iso88597 directory.

  • Download the Turkish (ISO 8859-9) tables and copy them to the $SYBASE/charsets/iso88599 directory.

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