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Author: Klaus Kirchner
PowerBuilder Product Support Engineering, Sybase, Inc.


Upon completion of these instructions, you will have a Web page that uses a WebDW with support for data navigation and database updates. You will run the page in an ASP environment.

The instructions are provided in the following sections:

Section A -Common Configuration Steps
Section B - Run the WebDW in ASP

For using the WebDW in pure ASP ie. Without connecting to the HTML Datawindow component on EAServer see Document  Using the Web DataWindow in ASP or MTS

Before You Begin

Make sure ASP support is integrated into the IIS environment you will be using.

Document Outline

1. Introduction
2. Section A - Common Configuration Steps
3. Section B - Run the WebDW hosted by EAServer in ASP

2.Section A-Common Configuration Steps

This section contains the common configuration instructions for the WebDW component. You
must follow these steps whether your goal is to use the WebDW component in ASP.

Common configuration steps include the following:

Step 1 - Basic Setup

Follow the document   Using the Web DataWindow in ASP or MTS    - Section A
This document explains how to set up a database connection, create the IIS mappings etc. among other configurations that are also needed for this topic.

You might create the page using PowerBuilder and deploy it to ASP. Create a basic html page containing the HTML Datawindow which you'll later deploy with the deployment option "Deploy .." using ASP Deploymentcontroller. For further Information see PB documentation.
Additionally you'll find example scripts in the DataWindow Programmers Guide pages 154 ff.

A tested sample script asp_test.asp and the object model script objmod.js can be downloaded from the sample.zip attachment.


Step 2 - EAServer Setup

Describes how to setup the EAServer client software and create the proxy entries for accessing the HtmlDatawindow component on EAServer via ASP.

Client Software: To access EAServer, ASP requires EAServer client software for ActiveX. If ASP is on the same machine as EAServer, the client software is already available.

To install the client software:

Using the standalone client installer If you installed EAServer using the Typical or Custom installation types, a standalone installer program (JAGCLIENT.EXE) was placed in the EAServer CLIENT subdirectory. You can run the installer on the client machine.

Proxy files:

Jaguar Manager must be running on Windows NT to build the TLB/REG files.
Start the Jaguar manager and select the DataWindow package under the Packages tree. A Right mouse click brings up a popup menu and select "Generate TLB/REG..." menu option.

In the dialog specify a path where you want to place the DataWindo.tlb and DataWindow.reg files and the proxy library path. This is where the jagproxy.dll resides. Eg. C:\Program Files\Sybase\Jaguar CTS 3.5\client\dll

Press the Generate button. This will create the DataWindow typelibrary and registration files in the directory specified above.
You MUST have the following files:

uuidgen.exe, which is provided with Jaguar on NT, must be installed on the
Jaguar server.

midl.exe must be installed on your client machine and specified in the path.
midl.exe must support the /tlb command-line option. midl.exe is distributed by
Microsoft as part of their development tools and as part of the Win32 SDK.

The registration file DataWindow.reg can be doubleclicked to enter the interface information into the registry after the generation has finished successfully.
Tip: Doublecheck if the information has been put into the registry: The location should be Hkey_Classes_Root\DataWindow.HTMLGenerator

Now you are ready to move on to Section B : B-Run the WebDW hosted by EAServer in ASP

3. Section B-Run the WebDW in ASP

Open either a Netscape or Microsoft Internet Explorer browser and open the following URL to serve up the page from the IIS mapping: (Dependant on the previosely used mapping) Eg. http://localhost/mytest/asp_test.asp


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