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DBD::ASAny is the SQL Anywhere database driver for DBI, which is a database access Application Programming Interface (API) for the Perl Language. The DBI API Specification defines a set of functions, variables and conventions that provide a consistent database interface independent of the actual database being used. Using DBI and DBD::ASAny, your perl scripts will have direct access to Sybase SQL Anywhere database servers.

Perl is a popular scripting language that is often used to provide dynamic content on web sites. With DBD::ASAny, it is easy to generate dynamic web content using data stored in a Sybase SQL Anywhere database.

The driver can be downloaded from http://www.cpan.org/authors/id/S/SM/SMIRNIOS/.

By downloading this utility you are indicating your acceptance to the The License Agreement.

Please note that the following are also required for building and using DBD::ASAny Perl Driver on Win32 platforms:

Microsoft Visual C++
ActiveState's Active Perl

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