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Migrating a PDM created in PowerDesigner 6.1.x or earlier into PowerDesigner is a simple process. However, due to changes in how triggers are now handled in PowerDesigner 7, the migration of triggers from earlier models is a multi-step process.

After migrating a PDM to PowerDesigner 7, you may notice the following in regards to triggers and references:

1. Standard default triggers created by PowerDesigner will not be migrated to PowerDesigner 7. However, user defined triggers are migrated to PowerDesigner 7.

2. The Trigger Type name may be displayed incorrectly. However, the Trigger Template association is correct

3. Trigger template items are not associated with the migrated triggers although they maybe referenced in the trigger definition.

4. All References are migrated with an Implementation state of Declarative.

5. Some DBMS do not support all Update/Delete Constraint options under Declarative RI. As a result, some Update/Delete Constraint options of references may have been changed due to the Implementation state being set to Decalarative.

In the following example, the PROJECT.PDM from PowerDesigner 6.1.x has been modified to generate user defined triggers. Also, the view point of this example is that all referential integrity will be handled via triggers.

To successfully link the imported triggers, do the following:

1) Open a PDM (created in PowerDesigner 6.1.x or earlier) that contains triggers in PowerDesigner 7

2) Select the >>Model>>References menu

3) Modify the filter to include the Implementation option

4) Select all the references and change the Implementation from Declarative to Trigger

5) Click Apply or OK

NOTE: If your PDM contains a mixture of Declarative RI and Triggers, then more care must be used when changing the Implementation option for the references.

6) Depending on the target DBMS, verify that the Update/Delete Constraint options are correct for the references in the model.

7) Select the >>Tools>>Rebuild Triggers menu

8) On the General tab, select the Preserve option in the Mode section

9) On the Selection tab, select all triggers

10) Click OK

The migrated triggers are now linked to the current DBMS.


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