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Mobile & Wireless Solutions in Healthcare

Solutions for the Distributed World of Healthcare 

Mobile and wireless applications offer tremendous potential for today's healthcare industry. They enable healthcare providers to deliver service when and where it is needed, while still providing timely and secure access to all the critical information required. Wireless devices are increasingly popular across the healthcare field, enabling caregivers to review patient records and test results, access charge captures, enter diagnosis information during patient visits and consult drug formularies, all without the need for a wired network connection.

iAnywhere Solutions empowers a wide variety of healthcare applications with its industry-leading mobile and wireless technologies. Some examples of mobile and wireless solutions are listed below.

    Mobile Care Delivery
  • Record patient information at the point-of-care 
  • Gather patient history 
  • Monitor vital signs 
  • Ambulatory car
    Physician’s Orders and Results
  • Prescription writing 
  • Drug administration monitoring 
  • Drug interaction monitoring 
  • Laboratory specimen collection 
  • Track samples from bedside to lab 
  • Review test results 
  • Charge capture
    Intelligent Devices
  • Diagnostic Devices 
  • Kidney dialysis, anesthesia delivery 
  • Patient monitoring 
  • Blood glucose monitoring 
  • Medication dispensing devices 
  • Home disease management
    Sales Force Automation
  • Pharmaceutical sales 
  • Medical equipment sales

Benefits of Mobile and Wireless Computing

Since healthcare organizations need to compete on quality while watching their costs, the benefits of mobile and wireless computing are significant. Some of these benefits include:

No Compromise with Sybase iAnywhere


iAnywhere Solutions, a subsidiary of Sybase, Inc. (NYSE: SY), provides software and services that enable the delivery of enterprise information anywhere, at anytime. More than 12,000 customers and 1,000 partners worldwide rely on the company's industry leading SQL Anywhere® database and mobile enterprise solutions. In addition, the company's AvantGo® mobile Internet service has more than ten million registered subscribers.

Sybase iAnywhere delivers the low cost, simple-to-use technology that allows for the development of open, flexible solutions. These software solutions effectively meet the needs of large corporations, but at a price that smaller organizations can afford. When you add in world-class professional services and a broad range of solutions from over 75 experienced healthcare partners, it's clear how Syabse iAnywhere makes it easy to collect data at the point-of-activity and ultimately improve patient care.

Sybase iAnywhere Products

SQL Anywhere
The market leading data management and enterprise data synchronization solution, enabling the rapid development and deployment of database-powered applications for mobile, remote and small to medium sized business environments.

M-Business Anywhere
The industry's most scalable platform for delivering Web-based applications and content to mobile devices. It enables "always available" computing, providing both secure wireless and offline access to information - allowing users to access the information they need, when and where they need it.

Manage Anywhere Studio
A complete all-in-one solution that provides central control of software distribution and updates, system configuration, and device inventory for desktops, laptops, servers and handhelds. It reduces costs due to software distribution, help desk support, inventory maintenance as well as lost productivity.

A set of flexible, feature rich, secure solutions that extend a company's existing Lotus Notes and Microsoft Exchange infrastructure to handheld devices. Pylon products enable organizations to mobilize corporate email, calendar, contacts, task lists, expenses and custom Notes applications, easily - with no programming required.

Innovative Customer Successes

BeyondNow Lends Home Healthcare a Hand

"SQL Anywhere is easy to maintain and its management tools are simple and effective — the key attributes behind the ease with which we can install and bring up a site on RoadNotes. The reliability and out-of-the-box readiness of RoadNotes is directly attributable to the stability of iAnywere Solutions' technology."

Rebecca MacKinnon, President and CEO, BeyondNow Technologies

Serving more than 200 provider organizations across the U.S., BeyondNow Technologies provides solutions for the financial, clinical and operational management of hospice, home health and private duty businesses. The company's RoadNotes application, the first of its kind, is built to offer homecare providers a complete point-of-care clinical documentation system. Powered by SQL Anywhere®, RoadNotes allows homecare nurses to use pen-based tablets to easily document every step of patient care, synchronize it to a back office, and access patient information while on-site. For more information visit www.beyondnow.com

Siemens helps hearing healthcare professionals manage their practice

"Sybase iAnywhere Professional Services' work, getting the synchronization piece of this application up and running, cut down on our learning curve and really helped us get this done more quickly than if we had tried to do it ourselves. In particular, they provided us with an infrastructure to enable the synchronization process to function transparently while providing administrative functionality such as auditing, error handling, tracking and reporting."

Todd Putvinski, Manager of Software, Siemens Hearing Instruments, Inc.

Siemens Hearing Instruments, Inc. is helping audiologists, physicians and other hearing healthcare professionals, working in distributed and mobile environments, to run their businesses efficiently and effectively with Practice NavigatorTM, a comprehensive practice management application powered by SQL Anywhere. Using Practice Navigator, users can enter and update patient information, schedule appointments and keep track of device information via easy-to-use lists and screens. In addition to improving patient care and strengthening customer relationships, Practice Navigator's reporting capabilities can drastically reduce the time required to produce profit/loss reports and track patient visits. For more information about Siemens Hearing visit www.siemens-hearing.com

Pyxis Point-of-Care Medication Dispensing Enables Hospitals to Cut Costs

"When we started this project, we evaluated databases using three criteria: ease of installation and maintenance, performance, and price. iAnywhere Solutions was very clearly the hands-down winner in the first two categories, and we were pleasantly surprised that the price was as low as it was."

Laird Broadfield, Vice President R&D, Pyxis Corporation

Pyxis Corporation is helping hospitals cut costs, while delivering high-quality point-of-care service through a system that controls the dispensing of medication. The Pyxis MedStation is like an ATM that dispenses drugs and offers a real-time, message-based inventory of every medication an organization dispenses. Nurses can log on to MedStation with an ID and password, select patient names from a display, and then receive the proper medication for that patient. After each transaction, the hospital's master database is updated, virtually eliminating billing errors. At the heart of each MedStation unit is SQL Anywhere Studio. Its reduced memory and disk space requirements made it the perfect choice for this mobile information system. Over 2,400 hospitals in the United States alone use the system. For more information about Pyxis visit www.pyxis.com 

Synavant Improves Pharmaceutical Sales Force Effectiveness 

"Synavant PhasTrak uses the power of Sybase iAnywhere's mobile technology to give pharmaceutical sales representatives strategic advantage at their finger tips. As a breakthrough tool for improving call success, PhasTrak enables representatives to receive high-impact insight, seconds before a call, when they can best take advantage of it. The convenient, highly mobile design also means they will use this technology more than traditional laptop solutions."

John Moran, Director of Product Marketing for Synavant

Synavant equips pharmaceutical companies with sales force effectiveness and pharmaceutical relationship management solutions. Its PhasTrak application running on handheld devices, powered by SQL Anywhere, offers sales representatives quick access to their account information from wherever they may be - on the road or at a physician's office. Sales reps can now access and record all the information they need on a much more convenient and cost-effective platform. For more information about Synavant visit www.synavant.com

Sybase iAnywhere: Driving the Development and Growth of the Healthcare Technology Market

Syabse iAnywhere is well positioned to assist you in making your healthcare solution successful. iAnywhere Solutions is the acknowledged mobile database market leader, with over eight million deployed seats and 800 application partners who bet their business on the company by delivering Syabse iAnywhere-powered vertical applications. Through its industry-leading mobile technology, Syabse iAnywhere enables organizations to distribute information anywhere.

Improve quality of care by eliminating redundancy and improving accuracy

Sybase iAnywhere enables the capture of diagnosis details and improved tracking of medical care delivered, supply-related costs, or medications prescribed. The result is increased control over patient data, which leads to greater accuracy as well as significant improvements in patient care and billing. By extending data to the point of care, Sybase iAnywhere's technology also empowers caregivers by providing them with anytime access to the information they need to do their jobs accurately and efficiently.

Deliver timely care at a lower overall cost

Data terminals such as handheld devices carried by caregivers can provide a low-cost solution that distributes patient information anywhere it is needed, anytime. Implementing a mobile solution eliminates the need to review patient records by hand, make trips to fixed terminals in the hospital, or have home workers travel to a central computer. In addition, faster patient assessments result in quicker and more effective delivery of care.

Integrate mobile point-of-care solutions with existing systems

With Sybase iAnywhere's synchronization technology, healthcare providers can capture patient data at the point-of-care and have that information centrally available across departments, providing easy tracking of patient care across the hospital and even across the community. Synchronization allows data to be captured anywhere - in the hospital, in the home or at the scene of an emergency - and synchronized via wired or wireless methods to any backend database. Information is stored centrally for easy administration and simplified reporting.

Services to help you succeed

Sybase iAnywhere is committed to helping your organization succeed in developing and deploying effective solutions. Sybase iAnywhere delivers a wide range of services, support, and education throughout your project life cycle. This enhanced technical expertise and access to extensive resources accelerates development and deployment - saving you time and money.

Our experienced consultants are experts in implementing mobile and wireless technology and can deliver projects from start to finish using proven methodologies and quality management systems. Customizable applications serve as a starting point to help you develop solutions that make sense for your business.

Partner with Sybase iAnywhere and Watch Your Organization Thrive

Syabse iAnywhere is committed to partnering with your organization to maximize business opportunities and achieve mutual success. The Sybase iAnywhere Alliance Program features a wealth of services and programs including a channel focused sales force, comprehensive marketing and sales tools, education, and support. Join the thousands of partners who are already taking advantage of Sybase iAnywhere's vast experience, knowledge and leadership in the healthcare market.

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