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| Education Partner Application Process


Authorized Education Partners (AEPs)

Sybase, Inc. has established the Worldwide Education Partner Program, to ensure that our customers have access to the highest quality database and tools training in locations that are convenient to their businesses. Through this program, training organizations maintaining Sybase's stringent education standards enter into an educational partnership strategically aligned with Sybase Education Services. This program is essential in supporting Sybase's professional certification programs and helping our customers to design, develop and support applications using Sybase products.

Authorized Education Partner (AEP) license highlights:

  • Resell and deliver Sybase Courses in AEP Learning Centers and Private Classes.
  • Licensed by location and curricula (Database Servers Curriculum and/or Internet Applications/ Development Tools Curriculum).
  • AEP and Sybase team up through mutual reseller terms to sell students into each other's Learning Centers.
  • Resell any Sybase-developed Education product or service.

Authorized Education Resellers (AER) license highlights:

  • Resell any Sybase-developed Education Product
  • Receive 20% discount on Sybase delivered instructor-led training
  • Receive 35% discount on Sybase Self-Study Products

Annual Program Fees

Authorized Education Partners:
Database Curriculum: $3,500 per location.
Internet App/Dev Tools: $1,500 per location.

Authorized Education Resellers:

Program Features / Benefits

The Sybase, Inc. Education Partner Program has many features/benefits. Among them are:

Sybase Education Revenue Opportunities

  • Traditional Instructor Lead Courses
  • Participation in promotional campaigns

Powerful Web Marketing (www.sybase.com/education)

  • Sybase posts your Sybase Education offerings.
  • Sybase gets you 60%/list for otherwise empty seats by registering students in your posted classes.
  • Sybase drives prospects to you via a link to your website so they can learn about your other products/services.

Powerful Tangible Marketing

  • Inclusion is printed schedules
  • Program Logo

Course Development and Support

  • Training copies of software for licensed curricula
  • Award-winning technical support
  • On-line Education Services Evaluation System


  • 20% reselling Sybase delivered instructor-led training
  • 35% reselling self-study products
  • 50% SCI attendance in beta classes

Program Admission Requirements

Authorized Education Partners (AEP's): New AEPs or AEP additional sites will only be approved if Sybase, Inc. is confident that the addition will enhance training business in a given geographic area. This means that an applicant AEP must show how NEW training business will be achieved in the area rather than simply shifting students from a Sybase Learning Center or the classroom of an existing AEP. Authorizing an AEP in an area is intended to meet customer demand and satisfaction. The following criteria will be evaluated when considering a candidate for the AEP program:

Business Demand: Sufficient Sybase, Inc. license sales in geographic area to support an additional AEP/additional location.

Business/Marketing Plan: Applicants are required to submit a business plan demonstrating how incremental training business of at least $5,000/quarter per curriculum per location in net royalties will be achieved.

Staff: Staff capable of providing complete student registration services including course information, registration, confirmation and directions. Professional telesales and/or direct sales force with knowledge about and experience in selling education. Minimum of one Sybase, Inc. Certified Instructor (SCI) per curriculum for every three locations. Instructor candidate(s) must be Applicant's permanent, full-time employee and become Sybase, Inc. certified in the appropriate curriculum area within six months of receiving authorization as an AEP. SCI's must maintain their certification as required under this program.

Facility Requirements

Training Room(s) Must:

  1. Comfortably accommodate at least 12 students. Have a one-to-one ratio of student to fully functional workstation (Note: Required equipment may vary from course to course. Each instructor guide provides minimum equipment for each course).
  2. Contain audiovisual equipment to facilitate a professional presentation (overhead projector/screen, adequate dry-erase white-board with markers, etc.).
  3. Provide an environment conducive to learning (adequate lighting, adequate climate control, in a distraction-free area away from noise and without interruptions).
  4. Be clean and organized.

Training Facility Must:

  1. Provide student comfort and logistical accommodations:
  • Easy access to restrooms
  • Break area
  • Access to phones
  • Adequate access to lunch facilities
  • Adequate parking
  • Be within a reasonable distance to hotel accommodations.

Computer Equipment Requirements
All AEP authorized facilities must have adequate classroom computer equipment to conduct courses they are authorized to teach. This equipment may vary from course to course. Each instructor guide provides minimum equipment for each course.

Education Partner Application Process

Companies interested in joining the Sybase, Inc. Authorized Education Partner Program must complete the application process described below. Sybase, Inc. reserves the right to accept or deny any Education Partner application based on Sybase Inc.'s needs, strategic direction and demographic requirements of a given area.

Applicant completes and submits the following application materials to Education Partner Program Management:  

  1. Education Partner Program Management acknowledges receipt of package and provides further direction to applicant, if needed.
  2. Application package copies are sent to appropriate Sybase, Inc. managers and reviewed.
  3. A Sybase Inc. representative may schedule a visit to the applicant's facility to interview instructors and principals and to inspect the site and equipment.

If the application is approved:

  1. Contract(s) sent to applicant for signature and return to Sybase, Inc.
  2. Copy of fully signed contract, invoice for program fee(s) and Welcome Kit are sent to Education Partner.
  3. Instructor candidate begins certification process.
  4. Education Partner may begin scheduling Sybase, Inc. Courses. Until Partner's instructor becomes Sybase, Inc. certified, Partner may subcontract instructors from Sybase, Inc., or other Authorized Education Partners. 

Questions related to the Education Partner, and Sybase Certified Instructor Programs can be directed to Brian Wesselink at 770-777-3118.

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