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By: Sherri Rudnick, Associate Technical Support Engineer, Sybase, Inc.

You're moving to multiple development platforms, so you've got to move Enterprise Application Server? (a.k.a. Jaguar? 3.6.1) from a local installation to a central server machine. The installation of Jaguar 3.6.1 goes smoothly. However, after the move, when you try to connect to this central Jaguar Server from the Jaguar Manager on your local machine, you receive the error message "Exception raised while connecting." What do you do?

The first time you connect to Jaguar Server from Jaguar Manager, it's designed to default to "localhost." On the central server, you want to log into the Jaguar Server from the Jaguar Manager. Then, in Listener, change the host from "localhost" to the central server machine name. You can find out how to make that change by looking in the Jaguar Manager Help index, typing "listener," and selecting "configuring listeners."

In summary, you'd need to complete these steps:

  1. Install Jaguar Server and Jaguar Manager on the central server.
  2. Start Jaguar Server and then Jaguar Manager on the central server machine.
  3. Configure all of the Listeners to use the central server's name instead of localhost.
  4. Then recycle this central Jaguar Server and test connecting from the Jaguar Manager on your local machine.

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