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ASE Compression Lets You Do More With Less

The demand for more data, by more users, has reached fever pitch.

Sybase ASE stores data more efficiently, reducing storage costs while improving performance. Advanced in-database compression of both structured and unstructured data lets you use 40-80% less storage for the same amount of data. Data retrieval is more efficient, increasing overall performance.

Learn how you can handle more transactions, manage exploding data volumes, and support more users without incurring the cost of more disks and hardware.

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Optimize Data Storage & Save Money
Data compression, easily deployed, delivers substantial cost savings and operational efficiencies.


Faster Data Retrieval
Get data from your disks up to 4x faster. Data compression in ASE improves response times.


Calculate Your Savings
Compressing data reduces storage costs. Find out how much squeezing your data into a smaller footprint can save you.

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