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Sybase and Intel

Intel and Sybase provide solutions for business intelligence and data integration infrastructure that combine power, value and versatility.


IntelSybase solutions running on Intel platforms offer a compelling combination of power, value and versatility. As more companies seek the cost advantages of Intel-based servers, they can be assured that Sybase solutions on Intel provide an infrastructure for high performance, mission-critical computing. Sybase on Intel meets these requirements with leading price/performance results on Xeon and Itanium-2 based processor systems.

What People Are Saying:

“As our customers face the need to invest in new data centers and improve energy efficiency, Intel platforms are front and center” says Mark Westover, Vice President of Sybase Partner Group. "Intel’s processor architecture and strategy help Sybase solutions deliver high performance at extremely competitive price points.”

Sybase IQ Solution

High-performance, cost-effective solutions for business intelligence and data warehouse implementations in the adaptive enterprise.
Sybase IQ®, a highly scalable analytical engine, is designed specifically for unsurpassed query performance and lowest total cost of ownership. Unlike traditional databases, Sybase IQ is architected for analytics — not transactions — with a column-based structure and patented indexing that make it the pertinent choice for data warehousing.

Sybase IQ delivers answers to your questions, hundreds of times faster than traditional data warehousing technologies. That means ad hoc query results are returned in seconds and minutes, instead of hours and days. Loading data in real time from any database environment with virtually no impact on performance, Sybase IQ enables better decision-making based on current information.

Why Intel?

  • Energy efficiency- Intel Xeon processors automate energy consumption and provide industry-leading multi-core performance without increasing data center footprint or power demands. With the versatility to adapt performance to meet server workloads, Intel Xeon processors help lower IT costs by automatically allocating power based on your performance requirements while conserving energy during low-use periods.
  • Performance- Delivering new levels of processor scalability and memory capacity, Intel Xeon processors provide industry-leading intelligent performance for demanding, mission-critical server environments. Maximizing both energy efficiency and performance, Intel Xeon processors dynamically adjust server performance according to your application needs. Intel Xeon processors deliver more transactions per server for data-demanding enterprise applications.
  • Virtualization- Intel server processors combine industry-leading processor performance with integrated, hardware-assisted virtualization technology. Designed with Intel Virtualization Technology FlexMigration (Intel VT FlexMigration), Intel server processors allow you the flexibility to migrate workloads to fewer servers, increasing utilization while saving energy. These processors also allow you to combine multiple generations into the same virtualized server pool, extending failover, load balancing, and disaster recovery.

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